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I had posted this on BTS and got to thinking some here might find it useful , so I'm pasting it here also.

Yesterday while sorting and patching my carboys I modified one to "cooper" style. It had a crack about 2 inches up on the side so I drilled this out and installed a plastic bottle neck with screw cap, using JB weld. I use the cap to maintain the integrity of the vessel during filling with must. After I filled it I inserted a stopper in the main opening with a plastic spigot instead of am airlock and taped the entire plug and neck to prevent the weight of the liquid from pushing it out. I laid the jug on its side on the shelf in my wine room with the modified screw bung up and inserted the airlock there.

I also raised the airlock side about 4 inches higher than the mouth and spigot so that all sediment will be trapped below the spigot by what used to be half of the carboy top. This is howI made a functional plastic wine cooper with spigot bung.

-- Jay Blair in N. AL (, February 03, 2002

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