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Need information on the family of Howell Upchuch. There is a will dated, 23 November, 1843 of Howell Upchurch in which a daughter is mentioned by name of Nancy Rogers. I research Rogers in the Stanly Co. NC area and I also noticed on this same will that Nancy Upchurch Rogers had the following siblings: Celia, Martha, Sarah, William Riley. We also have those given names in our Rogers line, and wondered if there is a ROGERS connection to this Upchurch family ? If anyone has information on the Upchurch line and Howell Upchurch and his wife Rebecca and their children listed above ( which includes Nancy Rogers ) please contact me at my e-mail address listed below.

Tina Rogers Beller

-- Tina Rogers Beller (, February 03, 2002


my greatgrand mother is lucy ortha upchurch. at put michael upchurch in. osborne howell upchurch is my gggrandfather, william riley upchurch is ggggrandfather,howell upchurch is my gggggrandfather. god bless

-- beverly b reynaga (, October 01, 2002.

Beveryly, Thanks for you reply. I did check out the site and it was most helpful. I noticed that Aaron N. Rogers was listed as husband of Nancy Upchurch, and some have listed a Randle Rogers as being Aaron N. Rogers father. That may be so, I don't know.

But in the files of Stanly Co. NC Library in Albermarle is a referrence made to Randle Rogers being the son of our William Rogers b. 1770 Montgomery Co. NC and that is inaccurate. Our William Rogers b. 1770 Montgomery Co. NC died in 1842 in Carroll Co. TN and had left Montgomery Co. NC after he signed his land deed of 700 acres or so to Mathias Barringer on Feb. 18, 1823. By Dec. 1823 William Rogers was serving as a Jury member in Carroll Co. TN as they were new settlers to that area along with others like, NEEDHAM GREEN, ANDREW MCMACKIN, CHARLES WHITE, JAMES COX, JOHN HAMILTON, LEVY S. WOOD, JR. ETHELRED BENNETT, WILLIAM COX, ISAAC ALLEN, and others, many of whom also were former residents of Montgomery Co. NC before their move in 1823 or so to Carroll Co. TN.

William Rogers children are all named and verified by his 1842 Will in Carroll Co. TN along with the 1855 Land Division deed which also verifies the spouses of those children, as they too had to sign the land division deed. RANDLE ROGERS is not mentioned nor any of the other children listed for William Rogers by Mrs. Ausbands files in Stanly Co. NC. Only Basil Rogers that she had listed is correct as son of William Rogers b. 1770 Montgomery Co. NC. who moved to Carroll Co. TN by 1823. I do wish I knew the lineage of Randle Rogers as he may have been a nephew to our William Rogers, but so far have not found his fathers identity. Any help with placing Randle Rogers with a Rogers family would help to clear up a confusion that has gone on for some time with those library files in Stanly Co. NC library. Much of the info on John Rogers b. 1775 NC and wife Sarah Biles in the Ausband files is correct, but not all of it is correct either. William Rogers however, suffered the greatest inaccuracies among the other Rogers in those files. So that is why I am trying to find out who Randle Rogers parents were, and that too will help the Upchurch lines as well. Thanks for your help. Tina Rogers Beller

-- Tina Rogers Beller (, October 01, 2002.

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