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Im trying to find a good DV editing PC.

I was just wondering how good the new vaio VX600's do with DV editing? Is the stock " IEEE 1394 firewire" all i need to hook up my mini DV? or will i need to purchase something else?

Ill be using Premiere and an XL-1.


-- DVhelp (, February 03, 2002


I purchased a Sony Vaio PCG-F580 with the intent of using this guy on- site along with my trusty Sony DV camcorder. I had no problems using the FW connection but unfortunately the on-board 64 meg of RAM was too wimpy for Premiere.

I purchased and installed 128 meg strip and that worked ok but I found I could not produce more than a few minutes' worth of questionable-quality video. After doing some post-purchase research I found that the drives that come with these laptops are just not fast enough to sustain good throughput. I tried many different apps to create video and the best one to date was Premiere 5.1, but I found my best results are when doing my NLE on my DESKTOP, not laptop. Sigh. And my desktop machine is a lowly 333 MHz compared to my Vaio's 650 MHz.

The "Movie Shaker" app that came bundled with the 'top generated a good-quality video but you can't produce any serious video with it. It's fun the first three times you use it. I use it sometimes to generate some stress-free eye-candy or if I want to quickly develop a flashy video to justify the cost of the machine to my wife and friends.

Don't get me wrong about the laptop. It runs tirelessly doing other things - taxes, accounting, web design, etc. I haven't a complaint about it. But for video NLE I'd stick with the desktop machines and a SCSI drive or a real fast IDE/EIDE hard drive. Make it a 60 gig or higher - you'll need it and HD space is cheap. If you have a desktop machine, you can pick up a FW card for it at a very good price and use it with your DV cam. That's what I did with my 333 desktop and I've been pretty happy with it.

-- John LeDuc (, February 26, 2002.

anh duc oi co cach nao tap cho bung em nho lai khong .Hien nay no dang qua kho li tuong! cam on anh nhieu!

-- liduc@liduc (, February 25, 2003.

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