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This is a link to a letter from Ron Paul asking for folks to help to fight to keep some freedom....Please check out the organization and if you feel led to join and start to forward his newsletters or SOMETHING! ;0)...I'm doing the best I can.

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-- Doreen (, February 04, 2002


Seems to me that I gave Ron Paul money years ago for some other project he was working on then.(Can't recall what it was .) I have become much more conscious of the fact that many of these non-profits have NO ONE to check up on them. TYhey can pretty much do whatever they want with the money. (Remember the Red Cross and United Way wanting to spend the 911 money the way they wanted to, not the way the donors wanted.)I also think that these special interest groups usually really don't get much changed for the better, as they claim they will. . Mostly what they do is shoot off their mouth and ask for more money.

Look at what Jesse Jackson is doing with his contributions. He is supporting his mistress, and doing things with the donations that would make politicians blush. That is where I would like my tax deductible donations to go. Ya right.

Not all causes are a waste of money, but folks REALLY check out who you send money to. We all know how hard it is to get the money in the first place, so we want it to work as hard as possible when we donate it.

I have donated money to many groups, but over time they all seem to be losing ground to the other side. It obviously takes more than money to win. Just think before you contirbute the next tiime that appealing letter comes in the mail telling you that your $50 can change the world.

Talk to you later.

-- Bob in WI (, February 05, 2002.

Comment on the red cross doing other things with the money than the victims at the trade centers.It might not have been honest to use the money in other ways than was intentened. But it might not have been wrong of them to use the money in other ways then to help victims families.Their was one women who had her husband killed in the trade centers and was going to recieve donations even though her husband had a 2 million dollar insuarnce policy she was going to collect.Not to mention the home she was living in was well close to a million dollar home and most likly she had an insuarance policy on the morgage in case her husband died, the house would be paid for.How can it be justified that people are getting donations that have millions.The money should be used for the victims families that truely needed it .What got me is the suffering that goes on in manhatten every day , metally ill people lay on the sidewalks sleeping, are unable to care for themselves and no-one cares, no musicians rally and do benefit concerts to bring attention to them and their needs.No TV comercials talk about our patriotic duty to fellow americans who are unfortunate not to be able to function properly to maintain a job, a home ,or a focused thought, cause they suffer from a chemicl imbalance in their head.Because of their mental illness they are most times mistaken for drug addicts or drunks, and people comment that it's their own fault they are where they are.They are often seen sleeping without blankets on sidewalks in subfreezing weather.In the wealthiest city in the world.The red cross was going to use the money to help others needs that are over looked because it wasn't headlines for 3 months.Mentally ill people can't speak for them selves .They can't express their grief and suffering that they experience.And their are very little voices being heard of the few who speak for them.Groups like the red cross and salvation army do help people .It's unfortunate that they might have to be dishonest in order to help people that common society treats like leprous.So a catchy news report tells that the red cross isn't using the money the way it's intented.Scandals are great gossip.But little news covered what they did want to use the money for.

-- SM Steve (, February 07, 2002.

The Red Cross should use the money for what it was given to do. Help those who directly suffered from the attack. They solicited this money for a specific purpose and they MUST use it for this.

I personally will never give the Red Cross another cent if they lie about what they said they were going to do. The same for the national United Way, they have been even worse about trying to deceive the public about where the money was going. It would be fine to use some of the money for another purpose, but DON'T LIE ABOUT IT. This should have been made clear when the money was being collected, not months later. Many have lost confidence in all charities because of this fiasco.

As far as someone with an insurance policy not getting the money. It is the usual mentality of some to say that because they took care of themselves, by getting life insurance,they are greedy and don't deserve anything. This is crap. We all have the choice of what we do with our money. Some waste a lot of their money,some choose to stay home with their children, some choose to lead the simple life, some buy insurance. It is our choice what we do, but this class hatred has got to stop. We will always have rich and poor with us, but bringing down someone to a lower level to make yourself feel better will not help anyone. It will only make you feel better at someone elses' expense.

As far as the addicts and mentally ill on the streets goes, there is a solution that would probably help, it has in other parts of the world. That would be to have the addicts go into mandatory treatment, paid for by the government. If they refuse to do this, they are on their own. If they go to treatment, and recover, they should get help to have their lives restored. The mentally ill should also receive mandatory treatment to assist them to get on with their lives the best way possible. We all have to make choices, some are just better than others .

Talk to you later.

-- Bob in WI (, February 07, 2002.

Bob, I wholeheartedly agree- Don't LIE about it!!! I am usually in agreeance with Ron Paul and do believe that he is one of the few people in DC who actually has read the Constitution with comprehension, so I try to support him when I can. Basically it's self serving. I want to be free, and this man is one of the few who seems to understand the meaning of the word and has access to many people and the other legislators who happily slice and dice the Constitution.

-- Doreen (, February 07, 2002.

Bob if you read my post I didn't call the person with the 2 million dollar insurance policy greedy.It seems you assume she is. The red cross money was for victims families in need.Her needs were covered by her husbands smart decision and large stock brokers salary to get good insuarace.If the red cross needs to lie to the public to do good for others,they stand to put their reputation on the line to help other human beings.That's a sacrifice most won't take. But many will lie to fill their own pockets with money yet they don't come under nearly half the attack the red cross came under.That's well accepted by the rules of society.You don't know much, as most of the unimformed public don't on mental illness people.I take care of one so I personelly know.This person would be on the street if I didn't let them live with me.They want government help.They get a check,Not enough to pay rent or utilities. They asked for housing and there is a year and a half wait for them to get into any type of indoor shelter, group home or what ever you uninformed people think the government has for them. Besides a waiting list of a year and a half the government provides them with a sidewalk in a dirty city on the bad side of town.That's whats availible.As far as getting them help so they recover as you suggested (Madatory ? ) they aren't resisting a warm bed to sleep in,a shelter from cold and rain and care from others .Most of these people don't have a mild case of mental illness,they don't recover, they stay that way the rest of their lives.With medicine and all.Before anyone makes a comment on the mentally ill, and how they don't want help , which is a Lie.Be a Patriot and help one of your fellow Americans,it could happen to your or a family member.Donate your time to these deemed undesireables of society .Get to know them and what the truth is,other wise any comment you make about them could just seem like a LIE . And we don't like liars

-- SM Steve (, February 08, 2002.


Just so you know, I worked at a group home for over 8 years, so I am not as ingnorant about the situation as you think.

Having someone out on the street who does not choose to be there is unacceptable in the USA, that is my point.

Talk to you later.

-- Bob in WI (, February 08, 2002.

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