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Hi all - just found this new forum today. I read Countryside and Countryside Familes and most of the other off-shoots. Seems like I sorta know all of you.

I'm 49 (50 this Aug, can't believe it). Was married 13 years, have been divorced since 1984. Have two daughters - one 22 living in Calif, other about to be 21 and getting Married March 23 this year, so soon it's just me and the cat.

I have a mobile home, but no land of my own. Though I am under many trees and live next to a goat pasture and a skunk did come out from behind my garbage can one evening last week. I did not scare it. and it just walked off. There are racoons around and I have seen 3 deer on the edge of the wooded area on the other side of the little trailer park I live in. So almost country.

I've not been dating, too much effort and been busy being MOm (and Dad)for years.

I would love to have a cabin, where I can hear the trees russling and water (like a stream if possible). Now that children are leaving home, I'm starting to look around.

I sew, knit some, crochet. Have taken flying lessions thru starting cross countries (learning near Denver when married), I've been working for a computer company last 16 years. Order processing, computer hardware sales to public, then to government, now doing purchasing for same company.

So I'm technical with leanings of cabins, oil lamps, and trees russling. And when I have a cabin, the porch will have a cabin attached.

Im in the N. Ala area. Work in Huntsville and live in one of the little outlying farming areas in Madison Co.

Regards, AngieM2 (M2 middle and last initials are m so = M2)

-- AngieM2 (, February 07, 2002


Hello Angie,

How have you been. I was wondering what became of you. Glad you found this site.

-- Jay Blair in N. AL (, February 07, 2002.

Hi Jay - I lurk and read, don't post a lot since I'm using the company computer and don't want to expose it too much. That's why I made a e-mail account. I like your new site here, and the people seem really friendly. Keep up the good work and I'll try to un-lurk myself more. But since I don't have a place or a goat, I don't have much homesteading stuff to post.

Enjoy your atmosphere and wine. - AngieM2

-- AngieM2 (, February 07, 2002.

Hi Angie, welcome. Don't worry if you don't have a goat or land. We don't always talk about homesteading. Read some of the other posts. We're just a bunch of single people (most of us) who have similar interests. We don't all think the same but similar enough. Besides controversy is good sometimes.


-- Susan in Minnesota (, February 07, 2002.

Angie! You are too a homesteader! What's in the heart makes the person. You have a wonderful outlook. You SEE and appreciate things most others don't even bother about. Your trailer sits on the Earth, just like everone else's domicile. I'll bet half the people who contribute and "lurk" around the Countryside forum and the offshoots don't have the kind of homesteads like you dream of. Who cares? Those that love and respect the Earth and her critters are homesteaders. Each in their own way. My land is not mine yet. I am buying on land contract. BTW, I am 53 and divorced too. I don't have a log cabin, I have a teeny little travel trailer. No contributing animals yet(just dogs, cats and a horse for riding, not working). Gave the parrots away! Trying to downsize the family that doesn't contribute to living expenses LOL-good luck to me. You know what else? Those city folks don't realize it, but the Earth is under their expensive feet too and it will reclaim everything they built and them too. Cool thought. I know, cement may not disintegrate, but someday an earthquake will gobble it up and then grind it up (I hope)hee hee. I'll get off my soap box for a minute now. You hang in there girl!! Double blessings to you,

-- Susan in Northern LP Michigan (, February 07, 2002.

Angie, Susan in Mi posted a picture of her cabin on a *my cabin-yikes!* thread......well a little birdie tells me that-for the right price- she might be willing to sell it!! It's a dandy--AND its got a ?porch?

If she gives you a hard time about the price....well then she'll just have to deal with me!

Welcome, Am2

-- Jim-mi (, February 08, 2002.

Hi Angie, I was a homesteader long before I got to the country, its all in your heart.

-- Sherry (, February 08, 2002.

Well, I do feel like I fell among fell porch sitters, rocking chair affectionatoes, and porch swing appreciators, with a smattering of hammock quality control persons. Ha.

Susan in Mich. In 1972/73 I lived in Munising Michigan next to the inland light house. Moved from South to there and stayed 18 months (2 summers, 1 winter.) I loved the snow and the ice crystals that fell thru the sunlight. One day I'm going back to visit.

Jim mi - I think I saw the cabin on the other thread, it was the air- conditioned on with the grand-pa in front?

And CabinFever (I think I have the right person) - the one with the 1 room cabin posted. I'd love to have a glimpse inside. I've thought I would like to start off on a piece of property about that way, and build a little bit more to it if necessary.

Here's reading you. (Also, I am not here unless it's a work day, or I come in to read during the weekend. No computer at home at this time.)


-- AngieM2 (, February 08, 2002.

Hi Angie! I am Karen, live in Kansas and I know that homesteading is a state of mind, not how much livestock you raise or how big of garden you plant. I am 57, probably the oldest one here(ha), divorced, all the boys are grown, I live on 3 1/2 acres on the edge of really small town(pop 350) My eldest son live 1 block away and he really helps with the hard stuff like fencing. I work 30 miles away and really like my job. I work 4 -10 hr. shifts so get 3 days off!!! I plan on retiring at 65 and maybe work part-time if not too senile by then LOL. I have my orchard in progress 4 peach, 5 apple 3 pears so far. Hope to be able to live off it, my chickens and eggs, and goats. My house looks like the one on Green Acres but no phone on the telephone pole! I have a good time here, wish there were more like-minded people around as some folks here think I am odd!!! Could it be the Love me,Love my goats bumper sticker??? My two older brothers think I am swell but the younger one is glad I moved away(ha) Come back and join in the fun, there are some very talented people on this forum. I love Cabin Fever's stories, and the 2 Susan's pictures and stories. I think there is another Karen around here too. Yeah!! for Karen's!!!

-- Karen Mauk (, February 11, 2002.

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