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Hi! I'm new to this forum. I read about this place on Countryside. I'm also new to goats! Is it okay to talk about non-dairy goats? Mine are just scrub goats. I have 2 three month old wethers. They came to us a week ago after living at my sister-in-law's place (they were born there). They are so cute! Buster is a bit more friendly than Charge, but Charge is warming up to us. He was nibbling my hair this morning. Buster gets practically catatonic when I scratch his back! They are funny! I look forward to reading this forum.

-- Jo (, February 08, 2002


Welcome Jo. Raising goats, any kind is fun.

-- shari (, February 08, 2002.

Hi fellow newbie, I am new to the site also and have only had our small dairy herd for a year. This was my first kidding season too. I look forward to learning all I can from the wonderful people who vist this site. All goats are worth the time to chat.


-- Cheyenne Stallings (, July 10, 2002.

Hey there, Jo!! Goats are most definitely the "personality" farm animals...aren't they?! Welcome to the goat world. I've had dairy goats for over 22 yrs. but have recently had to scale down my herd size because of carpal tunnel syndrome...but I certainly wont be giving them up any time soon...that's for sure :-)!! Good luck!

-- Marcia (, July 11, 2002.

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