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To Jim-mi...really now, why would I want to sell the homestead? I paid too much for it! More than $16. Besides, the ole folks need a place to stay. If it works, here's a close-up of them:*eZfHNxxChVgTx3*SJoWxuqxOmk114I2Slz9ZCqSnyXfawcGjd21*7w!pfjCjGWFBbCscO9gLSAi7IQhePam9kBukLExonb0ijJh0FswnRXja9mMI5CQN9xdNIzOeF65T2F3qne4eD7KsdlDfejoNjKOM4gbg3Ek4Xxh8sdewJvQx*c8hfI8gU5DjfEPI3ZNPwta7aaHJEiwD*738GzjNSJCt9DAtL0AmUet!jteiXL1rkwj!G0lb4DaLfaKAKto8a6ls8pACXF6UNewWY0HjjlE4hOLsKZC9nAnRDShUZeNTGv4Vs3nM$

-- Susan in Northern Michigan (, February 08, 2002

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-- Susan in Northern Michigan (, February 08, 2002.

Hey lady you forgot the picture! Somthing didn't work with the photo. I checked the site too and nothing there. Does that mean the wind finally got your place. Too bad it was so nice and airy.

Haaaa Haaaaa! Susan

-- Susan up here in the boonies (, February 08, 2002.

Oh Susanna! You are too funny. I can't get that stuff to work right for me. Sometimes the magic works and sometimes it doesn't (guess what movie that's from, and who said it--this is a test). Anyway, The pic is in MSN Countryside Pictures or some such nonsense. I uploaded it from my PC to MSN and I can see it in both places. It is such a neat postcard, I love sharing it. Besides, it did cost me that much! I am soooo guilty of wasteing money. So I gotta get my $'s worth out of it somehow. Sharing it seemed like a good idea, but you know what? And I need help with this thought...I am feeling a little guilty for making fun of this seemingly pathetic couple. My heart just aches for the hard times they may have gone through. And the person who took the pic and sold it on postcards may have been the kind of city person to make fun of country folk. Grrrrr. Makes me wonder if I'm being just as bad as that. Help me out here with this thought. THANK YOU! Susan in the Water Winter Wonderland. PS...I may need advice about Cody the Wonderhorse.

-- Susan in Northern Michigan (, February 08, 2002.

Now darn it Susan - don't kid around--- I typed in that whole dam addy an all I got was a pix of uncle bin laddden drying his hair with a towel........twern't no cabin to be seen......just a bunch of rocks.

I hope you and Angie can compromise on a fair price.......

-- Jim-mi (, February 08, 2002.

How about Lord of the Rings and Gandolf!!! Did I get it right? I only just saw the movie for the first time the other night. My kids on the other hand have seen it three times. I like the Elves and Fairies the best. Mr. Strider wasn't half bad either! Did I tell you I have a place in my woods where the fairies and elves hang out?

What's up with Cody the Wonderhorse? Besides that's my mustang's name.


-- It's me, the other one (, February 09, 2002.

-- Susan in Northern Michigan (, February 09, 2002.

Harry Potter?

-- Elizabeth (, February 09, 2002.

Nope. Little Big Man.

-- Susan in Northern Michigan (, February 09, 2002.

I should have known it was Little Big Man. I love the snake eyes! Great movie! You know Susan I never notice that the woman is on crutches. She looks awfully young for him but maybe he is such a love muffin he keeps killing them off. Oh, man that's why he's playing with his zipper. Susan, you perv. (LOL)

The other one

-- The other one again (, February 09, 2002.

The Other One in Minnesotie, ME? I'm not perved (I'm the one in Michigan). My grandmother wore out 3 men, saved their souls and then put 'em in the ground. She retired from marryin' as she decided that was enough. I wish I could wear out just one. LOL. Sorry guys, us womenfolk need to brag sometimes as the pioneer women of old didn't usually last very long, all that plowin' and childbirthin' in the fields. So when they do outlast the menfolk, we all kick up our heals and celebrate.

-- Susan in Northern Michigan (, February 09, 2002.

I'm with you! I wish I could have killed a few off myself. No such luck! Anyway,I wasted my prime on a man ... Oh never mind!! He was never worth it! I got two kids and I'm happy! He is with someone else I'm even more happy.


-- Yea you know me! (, February 09, 2002.

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