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I have three goats. All are supposed to be due this month. Two I know are due the 27th and I was old the other is due sometime in February. I have the CDT vaccine. Is it too late to give them this? Do I give it sub-Q? How much per pound do I give? Also do I worm now or wait until they kid? Also I have heard it is good to give vitamine E? What is this for and how much do they need of it? While I am at it, can you think of anything else I need to do? All of the girls are healthy looking and active. Thanks

-- Bonnie (, February 08, 2002


Oh yes, I looked in the archives and saw that Vicki gives this at 4 weeks prior to birth. Is it too late? Also I have colostrum in the freezer from last year. Is this still good? Do I just thaw it in the fridge and heat it? I can't find nutri-drench here. What is it for and do I really need it on hand.

-- Bonnie (, February 08, 2002.

Go ahead and give it now. The Bar Vac brand of CDT is what I use, and no matter what the age or size it is 2cc. You can give it under the skin if you are comfortable with that, rub it good afterwards, and expect it to leave a small lump. Colostrum in the freezer is fine to use, but kept a year already I would also use fresh along with it. Especially if you have kept it in a freezer that defrosts, the continuous defrosting and freezing lessens the shelf life of all products in it, especially something like colostrum. Vicki

-- Vicki McGaugh TX (, February 09, 2002.

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