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A few weeks ago I posted that we had kicked off our 2002 kidding season early with our top and top in country, Alpine doe kidding 3 weeks to soon. She gave birth to triplets, 2 does and abuck, I was devestated, she is our hope. Shes doing great now.

Friday while I was gone to work and hubby at dr, our daughter in-law noticed she was kidding. Our son, wife and 2 grandkids moved here from VA to join us in this madcapped dairy adventure. They mannaged to make it despite the snow. got her Wed night, left tuesday. Michelle insisted on getting here before kididng.

Anyways, Michelle goes in, pulls out this dead buck, he had been dead for a few days, his eyes were sinking into his head. The she got the doe out, she wasn't breathing so she did the swing. That didn't work, so, her mother did mouth to mouth, revived the doe. Hannah is doing great, she is in the house, getting papmered and well. She is already skipping a bit at 36 hrs old.

I have been reading about other kidding season problems on many of the other lsits at yahoogroups. Seems weird to me.

-- Bernice (, February 10, 2002


I'm so sorry to hear about your loss. Glad Hannah is doing fine. Maybe people don't write their good stories because there isn't much to say? I hope that not very many people are having problems. I agree though, I've heard some terrible stories so far.

-- Sharon in AL (, February 10, 2002.

Bernice, I lost a buck kid this year. Just a single, no problem with delivery or anything. Never had it happen in all my years. Total failure to thrive. I didn't do anything heroic because I have seen too much of this save them and then they pollute the gene pool with sickly types. Now I am becoming a bit nervous about the upcoming season. Not one thing different in my feed or husbandry.

-- diane (, February 10, 2002.

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