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I milk sheep. Sympathy welcome! Can I "can" the milk for use in soap making, using something other than glass jars. I hate glass jars as a rule. Anyone one use metal cans? Shipping would be better with tin cans I think. I'm also thinking that canning milk also "condenses" it. Correct or stupid? I'm married and used to being stupid so be honest. Currently we freeze the milk for cheese and soap making, but we can sell canned condensed sheep's milk as a soap making additive or as a milk replacer too. If we limit the product to soap making would adding Bitrex interere with soap making? (for the soap making crowd) There would be an easment in legal responsibility if we add Bitrex or de-nature the stuff somehow. Anyone dry the stuff? Any info or links to web sites would be appreciated. Thanks

-- Ross (, February 12, 2002


Sorry I didn't answer before. Yes, you can preserve milk in cans. The company we sell to is Jackson Mitchell that produces condensed, canned goat milk. The canning process by itself doesn't condense as much as you're wanting. I know in the 80's there you could still buy cans and sealers from companies that advertised in Mother Earth News. If you can find a copy of "Putting Food By" it's describes the methods involved in using metal cans.

-- Dennis (, April 10, 2002.

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