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One day a devote athesist was strolling thru the woods admiring all the rocks trees and flowers. He marveled to himself the great accomplishments of the "Big Bang" and how so much beauty could come from one explosion. About this time a grizzly bear jumped from behind a tree and the athiest fell backwards as he screamed " Oh my God" Everything seemed to stop as the voice answered him from above. "Sure, now that you are about to die you call on me and believe" said God. "No", said the athiest " that would make me a hypocrite and my friends would ridicule me. But since your here could you please make that grizzly bear a christian for me. I would appreciate that" So God caused his hand to calm the beast and the earth resumed it's motion. The atheist smiled rose to his knees and and remarked "that wasn't so bad" Than he turned to look at the grizzly bear who was on his knees and the bear began to speak-- Father, Bless this food that we are about to receive.....

-- Joel Rosen (, February 13, 2002


LOL! That is a good one! Thanks for the laugh!!!

-- Doreen (, February 13, 2002.

It does not matter how good a Christian one becomes, the nature of the beast does not change. Isn't it? Do you see the hatred in the Christians?

-- dog = god (, November 13, 2002.

dog=god ; give yourself a break buddy . You getting tired from all your hatred seeking .Stop punishing yourself. Relax. Concentrate on good things . If there is no good around you , make some good.

I bet your the type who notices which neighbor has gotten a new car .And who's doing what. Concentrate on yourself , not what others do . They have a right to do with their lives as they please , so do you. Instead of looking in everyone elses basket , just eat from your own and be content.And don't feed energy toward hatred by giving it the attention it's calling from you.

Why would anyone spend time observing people's hatred ?.I would think bird watching or star gazing would be a much more pleasurable hobby .

-- Max (, November 13, 2002.

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