Bush has decided to Remove Saddam

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I just read this on yahoo news............what is this going to mean??

-- diane (gardiacaprines@yahoo.com), February 13, 2002


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-- diane (gardiacaprines@yahoo.com), February 13, 2002.

We've known this was on his mind at least since the State of the Union address. When I listen to him speak on this issue, it makes sense to me, but scares me all the same. I'm not sure anyone knows what this will mean.

-- mary (marylgarcia@aol.com), February 13, 2002.

It means us against the entire world--definitly a unified Europe. I don't know what illusions that one keeps in his head but WE DON'T STAND A CHANCE IN HELL. The man is an egomaniac trying to extract revenge for his father's mistakes.

-- Joel Rosen (JoelnBecky@webtv.net), February 13, 2002.

It means sticking our nose where it shouldn't be.......again. And down the line more American boys & gals being killed.......and for what???? No military action ! shure George.....

-- Jim-mi (hartalteng@voyager.net), February 13, 2002.

I'm gonna call president Bush tommarow and ask him ,after he removes Sadam , can he remove my neighbors next ? They're much meaner than Sadam and I think we should remove the terrorist in this country first.

-- SM Steve (notrealmail@msn.com), February 14, 2002.

We are in so much trouble----If I were Moslem I surely would take this as a war against Islam. Maybe Geo can take out drivers who intentionally run over animals? There are several of them around here and they are just going to turn into full blown terrorists....

-- Doreen (bisquit@here.com), February 14, 2002.

Naturally, I must put in a voice of dissension.....Over the last 50 years, Iran has switched sides dramatically, denouncing all things American..anybody recall the Ayatollah and his lovely encouragement of "death to all Americans" chanters? Although the rhetoric has been toned down, the sentiment is very overtly there. Iraq is quite possibly the most likely country in the world to happily attempt to annihilate anybody who crosses them as soon as they can. Have folks forgotten what Hussein did to the Kerds? What kind of folks would gas their own countrymen, in front of the entire world and not give a fig who cared? If he would do this to his own countrymen, what on earth do you think he WILL do to folks he considers infidels and devils..BTW, he means you and I. If one reviews history, Japan took a similar position prior to world war 2..."hello, we are too busy here in Japan to talk right now...no, we don't want any visitors, thank you..tell you what, we will send our ambassador to the USA for a chat to show how friendly we really are! Us, have an alliance with Germany and Italy? HA hA, you must be joking..we just want to be left alone..okay?" They did not want any foreigners in Japan to take note of the massive build up of arms, ships, planes, etc.....so while the USA was being "nice", they were planning Pearl harbor. As far as the Moslems believing we are anti-Islam, well, the ones living in this country, building mosques and openly worshipping as they choose, should do a reality check..those in other countries should examine their own rhetoric..is no one paranoid over "death to americans?"..what does that mean? I have yet to see a hue and cry here for "death to all Islam". It is my hope that somebody has the guts to go after Hussein once and for all before he decides to fund a Saudi national or two to come over here on one of our generous visa packages and blow up Chicago.

-- lesley (martchas@bellsouth.net), February 15, 2002.

Lesley, your view of Japanese history prior to WWII is quite different to mine and I wonder how much you know of the Pavlavi regime?

-- john hill (john@cnd.co.nz), February 15, 2002.

Lesley, I think you make some valid points, but I am sure that Saddam thinks no more of the indigenous population of the area in question (Kurds) than we did of the Native Americans when they were "making trouble" so you lose me there.

Our problems with Saddam put me in mind of that old saying of the angry father to the errant son "I brought you in to the world, and I can take you out".

-- diane (gardiacaprines@yahoo.com), February 15, 2002.

Lesley, your last sentence helps to sum it up. If our government actually gave a rip about keeping our country safe from terrorism they would have put an immediate lock down on our borders and on all of our foolish invitations to wallop us over the head in the form of visas for anyone who can fill out the application.

The entire problem is really one of our own making...not you and I as Americans but our Federal government playing both world police force and country builder where we have no business.

Don't mistake any of this is sympathy to Saddam. It's just that we put him there, and then he gets to be used as a boogey man when ever anyone wants to stir up more fears about oil.

ps. Diane- my Dad used to say that to me!

-- Doreen (bisquit@here.com), February 15, 2002.

For those of us that have traveled abroad --we understand that the world hates Americans. It's true that relatives tolerate us and welcome us with open arms but even they question our governments decisions. IMHO, the problem lies in our extravacance. We use up about 75% of the worlds resources leaving the rest of the world in dispicable poverty. Example-we all have at least 2 cars while 50% of the world has only seen two pictures of a car. I myself see their point. We are greedy, self rightous, indignant bunch of jackasses. Than our president on world broadcasted speeches alienates the entire world by not only affirming that fact but by boldly threatening to make it worse. He wipes out every good policy and treaty so he can play rocket scientist and than his toys don't even work. 35 years of blood, sweat and tears shot to hell on the whims of an egotistical moron without one tidbit of "we the people" included. Our elected officials sit silent while King George II ruins any chance of salvaging our democracy. We seem to forget all the lessons our country's wars have taught us. Thirty million dead soldiers of countless wars scream from their graves "the worst peace is better than the best of wars "

-- Joel Rosen (JoelnBecky@webtv.net), February 15, 2002.

Well said Joel, I would have said many of the same things except politeness curbed my pen. However I would suggest that most of the world does not hate America and americans, it just appears that every travelling yank appears bent on making it so.

The exceptions of course are the thousands of american families scattered around the world bringing up their families in the most difficult conditions while trying to aid the local population in some health, educational or agricultural assistance programme.

I am also pleased that you have called him your president while others on this and similar threads put it about that he and the rest of the US government and all the related agencies are somehow not their responsibility. In my eyes and in those of just about anyone else you would call 'alien', US citizens ARE RESPONSIBLE for the actions of your government and military.

-- john hill (john@cnd.co.nz), February 15, 2002.

Hello Joel,

It is just going to be one more step closer to your reality as the United States sweeps across the mid east, "eliminating" everyone that does not think like us.

Further more, there will be an eventual single world government disquised as the United Nations and that will allow the unforunate countries the opportunity to share our "wealth". Once it is in place all of America's wealth and resources will be shared with the rest of the world.

This will lower our "standards of living" but, hey....the rest of the world will be in better shape. World peace has its price and the price is the undermining of capitalism in America.

Its been leading up to this for years and I think the sweeping up of terrorism was the "excuse" to make it all happen.



-- http://communities.msn.com/livingoffthelandintheozarks (espresso42@hotmail.com), February 15, 2002.

Yes john, the Shah P. was a puppet controlled by the USA.....I know, I know..out of curiosity, what exactly is it that the world SHOULD do with Hussein? Ok, say we pull ALL our troops out of everywhere, we make it illegal for any Americans to have any manufacturing interest abroad, we close our borders, we pull all support from Israel, re- instate the democrats in power, refuse to engage our troops in anything except an enemy attack on our own soil, disband the FBI, the CIA and the NSA, and oh, yes, lets open Rozwell to the public as well as Fort Knox....did I forget anything? Now, we sit back and watch ..what would we see? I'll bet some folks would think they would see paradise on earth.....

-- lesley (martchas@bellsouth.net), February 15, 2002.

Ernest, you are a man of vision ! Your thoughts are prophecy ! Would there be a better way to circumvent those pesky little papers like a Constitution and a Bill of Rights than to seemingly lose a war ? Let them with eyes see and those with ears here !

-- Joel Rosen (JoelnBecky@webtv.net), February 16, 2002.

Lesley, I agree 100% with your train of thought, Look at the country today and see whats going on....We give foriegn aid to every Tom, Dick and Harry who ask for it...We have given the country away to all the other country's with all our factorys and given China National status and they will be the ones who will try to conquer us next.. I spent 21 years in the military and traveled all around the world and saw how the other half lives....And now the way things are I really hate this country for what they are doing to the working class.....Enough said, This country sucks

-- Bob (snuffy@1st.net), February 16, 2002.

Ok gang try this one; The removal of sad-dam is part of the big plan to *secure* that area so that a 1000mi pipeline can be run from the Chardzou Turkmenistan refinery to Pakistan's Arabian Sea coast!. Chardzou is linked to the Russian western Siberian oil fields....Incredible profits to be had....Think about the big picture!

Has anybody heard about the connection between King George the tooth and King OIL.

..............ALL HAIL KING OIL...............

As so well said above our Greed for OIL

-- Jim-mi (hartalteng@voyager.net), February 16, 2002.

$$$$$$$$ rule the world !!! Every afternoon at 2 pm I struggle with my morals. General Electric keeps pouring $$$$$ into China and Europe: Mr. Immelt fears no god and no war. He knows what we only suspect. IT'S A corporation folks--the one with the biggest war chest wins. The ultimate goal of G.E. is to control the medical field = people are just dying to give up their money. I'll tell you a secret--we already got it ! Did I forget war is our business. We own every jet engine, automatic weapon, and nucluer defense contract there is to have. Lasers? we own every patent. My father left G.E. in 1960 to become a minister while holding the patent to the Vulcan(minute gun) and I never could grasp the motive. So help me God: Give me the courage and a meager amount of resources to walk away from these devils !!!!

-- Joel Rosen (JoelnBecky@webtv.net), February 16, 2002.

Lesley, if I knew the answers to the world's many and varied problems I would not be going into the office each day!

As a general principle I suggest that there are only two ways for countries to deal with each other, either maintain dialog, develop trade, develop inter-travel and inter-mingling of populations until each country has so many advantages from the relationship that neither will ever jeopardise it, or send the troops in until their job is finished and there is a government that will develop the desired relationship. Isolation, either self-imposed or not is not the answer, neither is any form of embargo.

-- john hill (john@cnd.co.nz), February 16, 2002.

Jim-Mi, now just why would a pipeline from Turkmenestan to Pakistan pass through Iraq? Wouldnt it be easier to either go via Iran or more driectly through Afghanistan?

-- john hill (John@cnd.co.nz), February 16, 2002.

There is no way that the U.S. would allow the oil to be pumped thru Iran. Sad-dam is a too close thorn in the side---get rid of--put in friendly pupets. Pipelines[gas & oil] to our *ally* Pakistan's coast would help them become the political and economic leader in the region. Plus the demand is higher in the Arabian Coast area.

We will ALL now genuflect to the KING OIL CORPORATION............

-- Jim-mi (hartalteng@voyager.net), February 16, 2002.

Say Lesley, all kidding aside here, you asked "what is the WORLD to do with Saddam"...Why do we think that the US has the right to go into other countries and set up (quoting Colin Powell and Geo. the Twooth) a "new regime"? Seems that's how we got ourselves to be such the object of terroristic affection.

I say YES to most of your suggestions, even though you are making them in jest. The Constitution doesn't provide for us running all over the world and implementing governments of our choosing on people. It also doesn't provide for secret police organizations or military experimentation on the populace. All the gold in Fort Knox has been gone since the 70's from what I can gather, and Roswell has a museum with some of the folks who actually helped to pick the crash up still working in the place. heh...the original conspiracy theorists???

-- Doreen (bisquit@here.com), February 16, 2002.

Jim-mi, have you got ANY idea where Iran, Iraq, Pakistan, Afghanistan and Turkmenistan are in relation to each other? Iraq is about 1000 miles WEST of Chardzou, the Arabian sea is about the same distance but it another direction.

-- john hill (john@cnd.co.nz), February 17, 2002.

Yes John I have a map.....please reread.....I will not go round & round with you on that.

-- Jim-mi (hartalteng@voyager.net), February 17, 2002.

Whatever you say Jim-mi.

-- john hill (john@cnd.co.nz), February 17, 2002.

Hi Joel, it is very nice of you of feel sorry for the populations of countries where they are not as lucky as we are. I have a big problem with your point that we have 2 cars when others don`t. Do we take it away? We are living according to the standerds that we can aford like the rest of the world. I feel very good about the fact they we contribute billions to the underdeveloped populations. I myself feed homeless poeple in my area and poeple in this country give a lot of charity. You have a problem with how we get involded in problems outside our country - well, let me tell you this, should any other country and especialty the bloody dictators that you happen to love have the millitery, political and economic power that we have, it would be very scary.

In either way, good luck to you

-- abraham goldberger (abraham@diasupply.com), July 31, 2002.

What kind of folks would gas their own countrymen, in front of the entire world and not give a fig who cared?

Good point, except that the US supported this action by Saddam H.

John, you say, "In my eyes and in those of just about anyone else you would call 'alien', US citizens ARE RESPONSIBLE for the actions of your government and military. "

You are certainly right, to some extent, but how do we deal with a despotic regime who threatens to put its own citizens in jail if we dare question its authority?

For that matter, if we take the attitude you take to its logical conclusion, shouldn't we deliberately bomb the Iraqi ciizens for allowing Saddam to continue whatever he's doing that we find annoying?

Let me tell you folks one thing-I am not happy that King Strangelove wants to start the first war in our history that was "first strike".

-- joj (jump@off.c), July 31, 2002.

I read today that there are babies born deformed from all the radiation we put into Iraq during the Gulf War. They have no mouths or rectums, and those that do issue blood. Does anybody know about this?

-- Bob Fritz (BobFritz@attbi.com), December 14, 2002.

No -one but you and I know about this Bob .Everyone else is running like a chicken with their head cut off worrying about losing freedoms they never really had.

The number I got was 320 tons of spent plutonium was used in the Dessert Storm in 1991 . and 10 tons were used in Kosavo.And I have no TV , I rarely read the news papers and I avoid politics, and I know this .And Bob , your the first other person I met that's heard this .I'm into social issues and the study of human behavior toward other humans.We need to evolve our compassion as quick as our knowlege and technology .But we won't . It's every Human for themself .And everyone is going crazy over money .

Bob they also burn many tons of spent plutonium and other radio active waste 40 miles from where I live...Supposingly everything within a 120 mile radius of the incinerator is contaminated with radiation .Frogs with six legs that can set off a high reading on a gieger counter are common on the outside of the nuclear weapons factory at Oakridge Tn. People ( children ) live just outside the nuclear weapons plant.They are scientific experiments .And will also be traced and studied through their life time . This is an illegal government experiment that been going on since the 19 50's .

In the 1950's children who lived in an orphanage around here were being given radio active waste in their morning breakfast cereal every morning .This was a secrete goverment experiment to see how much radiation a human body can handle .

Who knows what other facts the government scientists were researching in this experiment and what other experiments are being conducted on the general public right at this moment with out us knowing about it .

I can give a hint of what is being tested on us right at the present .But most won't hear about it until another 20 years . The government scientists are working on FM band waves . Like the radio waves( FM )that brings us those top 100 songs.

In the early 90's scientist cracked a code of the Human brain. They found the brain works on FM waves . No wonder am band radio of the 60's just didn't feel right .And the FM switch in the 70's made our brain enjoy the music much better .

They always had our bodies , soon , they will have our minds .Imagine a government that has a remote control to make Humans do or believe as they choose .This is not far from reality .

Bob maybe you can dig up some information on the Human brain and the FM band waves deal .

There was also illeagl dumping in the 1950's of high level radio active waste buried in the hills and mountain lands of east Tennessee.Nobody seems to know where those illegal radio active dump sites are .It could be right in my back yard ?

Part of the problem is there is no way to get rid of radio active waste . One way is to put small amounts in plant fertilizers. This goes in the soil and in our foods . I think it's 2 or 3 percent radio active waste is allowed in plant fertilizers.A good reason to grow Organic.

Also radio acive waste is being dumped by putting it into metals that are to be used in manufactoring of products that will be sold to the public .. Metal lawn furniture , the zippers on your clothing and jackets , toys , cars, ect.

It seems nobody wants a radio active dump site in their back yard so because we ran out of places to dump radio active waste , it will be spred out evenly in everyday house hold products .Maybe Nuclear Power isn't such a smart idea after all .

The only possible benefit is maybe human kind will mutate from all this radiation exposure and evolve to becoming compassionate caring beings at the same rate they are becoming more intelligent .

-- Max (MaxT@yoohoo.com), December 15, 2002.

It seems contradictory and hypocritical to use the very means we deplore to end terrorism. If you retaliate with killing, there will be more killing in return. This is what is happening everywhere in the world, especially Israel---God help mankind. Sadam is evil, right? Then is George Bush to behave just like him, under the guise of UN resolutions? Think about it folks, will starving and killing Iraqi children endear their parents to America? We seem to have a narrow defination of terrorism, maybe we need to broaden it.

-- Ken Timper (timtem@hotmail.com), December 19, 2002.

one bullet one shot

-- andrew larsen (weezie 1@nb net .com), February 06, 2003.

one bullet one shot one kill

-- andrew larsen (weezie 1@nb net .com), February 06, 2003.

OK ,this forum is Barely active ,why are people who are posting here posting to Ghost threads from the past ,instead of starting new ones ?

I've tried posting at the Mega-mall homesteading today.All I find there is ,it's just like a big mall , over crowded and rude ,I don't like posting there . I like the small mom pop type personal forums. But like the real mom and pop stores they're closing down to the big malls.Most aren't even real back to the landers and homesteaders like they claim, they are wana-bies who who live in dilusions brought on from the mixing of their medicines with mc'burgers and dilevery pizzas.

And they've got to be fresh out of the suburbs and just living at the edge of them now cause they discribe the area they live in as the wilderness.There is no wilderness left in this country , give or take a wildlife reserve or 2.

Besides everyone on those forums are on some kind of disability pension and are on pharmaceutical perscritption drugs that have them and their brains , fried , burnt , pyschotic,and extremely irritable .

Read the labels guys, your not suppose to mix that stuff with alcoholic beverages.

-- steve (unreal@h.com), February 06, 2003.

Not sure I get all of what you said Steve, or what you're trying to tell us, except that everything we get now-a-days is prepackaged and corporate sponsered, especially the news media. The truth is relevant no matter where it's posted. Perhaps some of us are less adept at using the internet than you are; however, the content of the message is more important than the forum used to express it. In this forum we're discussing the war that's about to launched on Iraq, is it justified or not? I don't see that you addressed this issue. The fascist-like right wing of the Bush administration seems to want to attack every country (and person) that doesn't agree with its present forign policy, and wants to restrict all our rights in the name of saftey. If it takes more "meds" for people to realize this, I'm all for them :-). Anyway, take out the spell-check before you submit something, and I'll take my prozac--along with a mixed drink--before reading it, and please, to everyone, let's learn to laugh a little :)

-- Ken Timper (timtem@hotmail.com), February 08, 2003.

I;m anxious to reply .Hmmm! , does prozac cure anxiety ? I rather stick with catus buttons only they are almost impossible to get these days .You should try those. They are wonderful.

I just did a sunrise to sunset work day in below freezing tempertures outside and did a few postings while breaking for some food so I'm more fried than usual.And I think my brain got frost bite while out there for so long .So I'll respond to what I was saying above latter , (if you care to read it ??) I read your post 5 up from this one and your way of thinking is not the one I've been critical about.You actually make sense.How do you do that ?

So what ever your taking , keep it up ,it works. Can you share some with G.W. B ? I also just tried to find some of your post on homesteading today but could not find them?

Are you going by the name Mudslinger over there ? If not ,what name ?

I was going to put together a post about G W Bush. It will be done shortly.A day or two .I think of what I 'm gonna post while I'm outside working and usually try to regroup the idea when indoors resting....I've got a good one , that most who love to hate Bush will enjoy.

I try to give my opinions using dry sarcastic humor. But I ain't no comedian and haven't been successful fooling anyone into believing so.

Part of why I do things in this method is I've dealt first hand with govenment corrution in the outside the U.S..

I think I was confussed with , Che Guvarra. He was into the agrarian concept and opposed to the industrial way of life as I am. I didn't think a homesteading life could be concieved as a political statement.But in reality it is . It's independece. From who . The industrial corporations that rule the planet. If everyone homesteaded , who would run the factories ? who would make the guns.Who would buy worth less short life consumer goods that end up in a land fill 2 to 5 years after you buy them ?How would the earth rulers stay in power if we didn't make them stinkin rich , as we work for low wages , so they can make large profits, and use that money to control us with.

We don't need a malitia to fight tyranny.We can do it calmly and non- violently .We just stop working for the ones who need us, more then we need them .As they succeed in making the masses believe.

Dang!!! I just burnt my rice. I can smell it burning .

Ken when I can take some time and think of something intelligent and well thought of when I have more time. I'll explain what I ment.in the post above.

And as you said here:<<"" and please, to everyone, let's learn to laugh a little "">>

I'm stuck on the laugh mode all the time.

I'll still be laughing even if the day comes when I see the flashes of full exchange nuclear missle sharing day . Then again , I'm a manic euphoric.

I'm also Max @ yoohoo.com , above.Multiple personality disorder. But the same messages as always .

I couldn't fool Ant E.M.. She knew it was me from the first sentence on another post .

So what name are you using on H.T.. I want to see what you have to say there ?

Simpleman said something that impressed me possitively , he quoted :

<<""Most of us base our sentiment on an issue on more than just facts. Many base it on their conscience as well. "">>

I think this man has his head on straight.The statement has much more power , if you read all the post that were written before his .

-- Steve (Un@hm .com), February 08, 2003.

I ment to say Che (Ernesto) Guevara.

-- Steve (U@h.com), February 08, 2003.

Hi Steve. I don't post anywhere else. I probably wouldn't have even posted here if I hadn't come upon this site by accident. Current events have disturbed me like nothing before. We have a heartless, war-mongering president in power, who serves rich corporations and individuals. The biggest irony of all is that he claims the moral high ground, and, amazingly, the sheep-like majority swallow it. They go to church every sunday, but care not that hundreds of thousands of Iraquis are about to be slaughtered in their name. You would think that the only lives that have value are American lives, and only those above a certain income level. As long as I can drive my SUV and fill it with cheap gas, anything goes. Doesn't it sicken you too? A site that has a lot of good articles is: http://www.americaheldhostile.com/editorials.shtml Check it out...

-- Ken Timper (timtem@hotmail.com), February 09, 2003.

Ken , what I posted above , and I'll put some of that post so you'll know which one I mean:

<<"Besides everyone on those forums are on some kind of disability pension and are on pharmaceutical perscritption drugs that have them and their brains , fried , burnt , pyschotic,and extremely irritable . " >>

What I was referring to was ,this forum was a break-off from a homesteading forum called Countryside .This forum was started and hosted by Doreen , who was censored from saying political and religious statements on the the Countryside forum .when this forum started it was highly active and had a nice small group of people , some Christian ,some non Christian , some inbetween .There were strong differences in beliefs and strong similarities in beliefs.But it was civil, for the most part.

Than Countryside had a new host or administator and he started what was dubbed the Mega-Mall of forums called Homesteading Today. And this forum Freedom Self Reliance moved over to the Mega-Mall site and so did all it's participants .Homesteading Todays political forums seemed more like a place to insult each other instead of being a creative conversation forum.That is what I was ranting about in that post , which I pasted part of. A few dominant ones there seems to have gotten use to insulting others and I think a most there have become use to it also and to me they seem psychotic.

You posted after me saying : < "Not sure I get all of what you said Steve, " >.

So I thought you were from the other forum.And I thought you were defending that forums general practice of attacking each other.

I' sometimes read at Homesteading Today on the forum called " General Chat " but wouldn't post there.Because everyone seems to be fighting and insulting each other and I don't want to get into a hostile show down with people.Even though I have at another forum that I thought I helped start but got the brush off once it got moving and gained participants. I had my feelings hurt cause I liked the ones who brushed me off .When I left I got insults cast at me .And then I went back to that forum to read to see if I over reacted and read a post of someone telling the person who insulted me that they had a good sense of humor. To me anyone who laughs at anothers hurt and the joke made about the hurt is heart-less. I have some other words I like to descibe them with but I'll be civil.I believe these are people who during their childhood must have made jokes about misfortunate ones and they've carried this trait into adulthood.So i no longer relate with them.I see them as barbarians.Even though they seem to have a formal education higher than myself.

I feel Earth living is just one big war .It's the way it's been before I was born it's the way it''ll be when I'm gone.I feel earth is the testing ground for soul placement when we leave here.I believe it is a test of the courageous to live on this war planet but not become part of the war. To not be a coward and back down , but not to fight but hold my ground .To stand up and face those who want to wage war against me, but not fight .I believe fighting is the deed of a coward who fears death ,so he fights to save himself and commits violence out of fear.

In the end we all die . So to live life means to go through the complete process of life which at the end of our life is death . So why fear death , it is part of life.I bet when we die it's not ever scary.It's just a transition.A change. People always seem afraid of change. I don't know if I making a point here or sounding like a nut.

Without the wars there is no test for the soul. The test to me is to not participate in a war . But not to try to stop the war. If I had the power to stop a war and I did so , than I would be forcing my ways and beliefs onto others.I'd be just like the ones who are fighting the war .I would be trying to dominant my beliefs onto others. Even though my beliefs are non -violent , and are what I think is right. So thenI'd be forcing what I believe is right onto others.

That is why we have wars to start with. Because someone or a group is trying to be dominant and is trying to force what they believe is right onto another person or group. I believe non-violence is right. And have other beliefs that I believe to be of high moral. But how can I force my beliefs onto someone who wants to wage war.I'd be trying to dominant them with my beliefs.This is the first step to being violent. FORCE.

I don't know if I make sense , but I,m soul searching. I live in non violence and I leave the violent ones to wage their wars. I do what I do. I leave them to do what they do .If they kill innocent people. Those innocent people will just die earlier than they would have in a non war situation . Only because we fear death and think of it as a bad thing, we see terrible things happening to innocent people. But I see the terrible things happening to the killers not the dead . The killers in war are the ones who are actually the losers. And will suffer from the evil they do. The innocent non violent who die in war , they will make the transition to the next place souls go to , earlier than expected.

And since our soul is energy , enegy never cease to exist , it just changes forms.So even for the non religious minds who go by science only ,they know our soul ,the enegy essence of what we are, our individual self, never dies or cease to exist we make a transition or change to another form of energy.

I know I must sound like a lunatic. My education and volcabulary is highly limited , so I find the limited amount of words I know to describe my beliefs.

I feel all people who try to lead others are evil. Or in another word ,is using self serving motives by using the life of another to serve themself. All politicians try to lead people. All are self serving and using others lives to serve themself. They are all evil .

I fear no evil . Nor let others control me with fear . As I don't fear death. No person has control over me. One day everyone will have no fear. And there will no longer be a need for WAR .

I hope I wasn't overly dramatic. I get carry away with this stuff. It's nice meeting you Ken.


Here's the website of the Mega -Mall forum. You may want to check it out . Thanks for the website you gave I'll check it out.


-- Steve (Unreal@home.com), February 09, 2003.

" When a fear becomes strong enough, it is like another being within you who fights to stay alive. It is not you who will die. . . It is your fear." - Kwai Chang Caine from the Kung Fu TV series

I really miss watching Kung Fu reruns on the tube.

-- Steve (Unreal@home.com), February 11, 2003.

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-- # (tater@AOL.com), February 12, 2003.

George Bush is about to seal the envelope of his own demise, and perhaps even the fate of the nation. Anyone with a critical eye can see that whenever he speaks there is often a thinly disguised threat behind his voice and demeanor. The nation's army is HIS army; the fight against terrorism is HIS fight against evil. The boys who are about to spill their blood and blood of others in battle, are not doing it to secure America, they are doing it for a spoiled, self- righteous, petulent child who is doing it for his own political purposes, and for those whom he believes he ows favors. Those who support Bush on basis of party affiliation or for religious reasons are wearing severe blinders. Perhaps some are still caught in a fit of rage from 9-11, and feel they need a target. Sadam is evil and hates us, yeee haaaa, let's attack him before he does something we don't like. To those people there is no getting through, but to those who are confused, look keenly, watch your president closely, look at his facial expressions, can't you see him for the power-hungry fool he is? You think he gives a flip about your problems or your life?? Ask the growing homeless population across America, a large percentage who are children. Republicans call themselves compassionate conservatives; they will be the very ones who blithely dismiss thousands of dead Iraquis as "collateral damage." Doesn't this disgust you and much as it does me? If yes, speak up! Let's not permit this catastrophe to happen.

-- Ken Timper (timtem@hotmail.com), February 16, 2003.


-- TINA MEHDIDEHNOO (WWW.tina_m_62@hotmail.com), May 27, 2003.

what ever yes

-- sophie alice owen (sophiethesexy@hotmail.com), January 15, 2004.

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