The truth alone can make us free. America can defend itself against any aggression only when it is a union of truly free people bound together by their inviolate constitution. Only then will all nations again respect us if we act as the great Democracy we were meant to be with Liberty, and Justice for all - including our enemies.

The illegitimate Bush administration arrogant acts and crimes against the American people and its illegal cruelty against prisoners of war distorts America's image to the world. With Bush in the White House America is made to look as a threatening bully, a rogue nation, imposing unilateral arbitrary despotism on the world. It is no longer safe for Americans to travel anywhere overseas.

The Bush nazi-like assumption that "anyone who is not with us is against us" is the speech of a low brow banana dictator. All over the world people are offended by this unbridled arrogance. The impudent Ashcroft charge that anyone objecting to his unconstitutional suppression of civil rights is helping terrorists is exactly the opposite of the truth. Ashcroft and Bush have helped Bin Ladin's dream of destroying our freedom. It was Bush's madness that gave a significant victory to terrorism.

Think ! - 18 guys with pen knives changed our way of life only because our leaders are sick neurotics who are crazed by greed and powerlust. So now they want $43 Billion more to fight against a few hundred hoodlums armed with $25 worth of box cutters.

The american majority can still use their minds even if the Republican Taliban think they are stupid and a majority of Americans are furious at our government for presuming to change or suspend any provision of our Constitution. It is illegal for any branch of government to bypass the prescribed way for amending the Constitution as established by the same.

Those who have taken any of our rights are lawless, disloyal, un-american, and intrinsic traitors and thereby de-facto forfeit any elected or appointed position in the Government of The People. They must be removed and tried by the elected representative of the people. And if our congress does not rise to its duty and protect the people from these gross violations of the constitution it is a disloyal body and a danger to the continuity of our free nation.

We have proven beyond shadow of doubt that the present approval polls are faked and that the approval of Bush is below 45% FOR INFO - email

A nation of informed voters must promptly act to expell traitors from office and that is why we must legislate both media reform along with campaign financing reform. NO MORE SECRET GOVERNMENT _ NO MORE CORPORATE BRIBERY IN POLITICS. Vote the traitors out of office!

-- Patrick Henry (FREESPEECH@SURFNETUSA.COM), February 13, 2002

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