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We have been looking for an antique kitchen stove. Toady we went and looked at two stoves, one was an Othelo and the other is the basis of my question. It was a Grand Bride, I know nothing about this stove and was hoping that someone had some information about it. It appears to be a very well built stove, the one we saw today was a dark blue, with the pipe up thru the warming box and it had a water jacket built in the front. I could not find any information on this stove, and thus if anyone knows about these stoves, their origin and/or approximate date of production. I would appreciate any info and/or links with info on these stoves. Thank you.

-- Tim Balliet (, February 16, 2002


Did you find out any info?

I have my Grandfathers 1915 Grand Stove made by the Cleveland Cooperative Stove Company and I would like to restore it.

I feel like I have hit a dead end

-- lu ann (, January 30, 2003.

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