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I've been raising goats for six years, and have learned a lot in those few short years. I got badly cheated in a goat deal with someone I have dealt with for years. We felt it would be easier to scrap all goats and start over. We have six kids and lost our home last year in a fire, we have rebuilt, anyhow We need a doe but can't afford a five hundred $$ beauty queen. Must be healthy, milky, also need a good reg. Saneen Buck. We are in N.E. Indiana. We know how to disbud, tattoo, trim hooves, cliphair, give shots, etc and most of all how to love goats.

-- Sheryl R Clifton (, February 19, 2002


Sheryl, I hope you find your goats. :) Now just my opinion, if you can find a good quality doe from a very reputable breeder for $200- $300, she will be worth every cent, assuming she is good quality and disease free. I found that it costs me about $200 a year to keep and feed a goat, she might as well be worth as much as the feed she eats, and, her kids will be worth something too.

-- Rebekah (, February 19, 2002.

I quite agree a good goat is well worth 300, I just can't afford 500 this year. I sold off all my nubian does because they weren't going to come close to contributing 200 dollars as agroup this year let alone apeice, and some of them have been skimming by for years. It's hard when they are also your pets to say "you are out of the milking lineup" I have one vry nice Saneen who is very lonely.

-- Sheryl R Clifton (, February 19, 2002.

Hi Sheryl - I don't raise Saanens, but I'll have some part-Saanen experimentals out of fabulous lines being born this year. I'm in MI right where MI, OH & IN come together. I'm sure I could work with you on price, if you can handle funny or no ears on your goats! ;)

Regards, Sarah/MI

-- Sarah Sanders (, February 21, 2002.

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