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A friend of my hubby's just mentioned to him that I should give the baby a capsule of vitamin e. What is this for? I do happen to have some that I use for me. What do you think?

-- Terri in NS (, February 19, 2002


Terri it is part of our management also. Over at is an excellent new article on colostrum and what is and isn't passed from mom to kids. I just snip the end of a 300 IU capsule for people from Wallmart, and squish the contents into the mouth. Long story short, years back we had weak at 3 days, kids, lost some, no diagnosis, even though we were told about FKS. This was winter and FKS is usually in a wee bit older kids and summers here. Pipestone Vet Clinic in Minnesota actually disgnosed this as Nutritional Muscular Destrophy and since there is only a minute amount of E in Bo- se shots we started the adult does on E crumbles in their grain mix the last 50 days of pregnancy, and the E capsules for kids. Worked for us, so much so that now I am afraid to stop :) Vicki

-- Vicki McGaugh TX (, February 20, 2002.

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