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I ran into this on another board. The man's got guts!

PRESIDENT MUSHARRAF of Pakistan provoked the ire of Islamic fundamentalists yesterday when he berated Muslims as the “most unenlightened and the weakest of all the human race” and called for an act of collective self-criticism. He blamed the backwardness of Muslims on their involvement in “fratricidal conflicts” which, he said, was the main reason why they were perceived as terrorists. General Musharraf’s scathing comments came while his military Government is locked in a confrontation with the extremists who have vowed to bring him down.

General Musharraf said that the Islamic world was living in darkness. Muslims had been left behind the developed world because they had not invested in education and technology.

“Today we are the poorest, the most illiterate, the most backward, the most unhealthy, the most unenlightened, the most deprived and the weakest of all the human race,” he told a science and technology conference on Saturday. The time had come for Islamic nations to take part in collective self-criticism. “Once such an assessment is made, it would not be difficult to realise that the entire Islamic world was far behind the developed world,” he said.

All I can say is May Allah, the merciful and compassionate, give them ears to hear and may He give the prez LOTSA protection!

-- john (, February 21, 2002


I think that hat we bought him so he could make a celebrity appearence at Bush's State of the Disaster Speech must have swelled his head. He must of written Bush's intro also. How did that go ? Oh yeah--"We are stupid and proud, we are broke and at war, but I have never felt better." " Now the women and children of Afganistan can make those $6.99 rugs at Wal-mart without having to wear a mask" " They are now free to read(without books) free to cook(without food) and free to go shopping at the malls that don't exist. THAT"S MY PRESIDENT--kill the soldier to starve the children. Here is my question--WHERE IS THE HEAD OF THE WOLF ????? They always go hunting and end up at the bar with more stories than Aesop. Just my view.

-- Joel Rosen (, February 21, 2002.

I understand your point I think Joel but the fact remains is he did say it if the article is to be believed and that took guts and its seems like a timely and useful message for the muslim world to hear.

-- john (, February 21, 2002.

Now if all the rest of the world leaders can be as humble as to admitt ,it's nation has all those same quaities , leaving out the words poor and technology if it doesn't apply , maybe humans around the world can see we are truly the same species( give or take a religious belief, a skin tone, hair texture or geographic determinism ( culture determined by region ), and we share a universal consciousness,that's keeping us "living in Darkness", (good song title)and maybe this is the first step for us to all get along and maybe even have a one world gov't. We'll call it "The New World Order" Or "The Dark World Order" Won't those extraterrestrials who planted us on Earth as a food crop be so proud of us when they return to see how we developed, when they come back for their harvest.

-- SM Steve (, February 21, 2002.

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