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My area has been through a warm and very wet spell lately, ripe conditions for coccidiosis. Just want to know whether this dreaded protozoan can infest a goat without the animal being symptomatic. Can a goat have cocci and not have diarrhea or any other symptoms? Also could weight loss in itself indicate presence of this disease?

-- Lynn (, February 21, 2002


Yes, I had a little buck that had cocci without having diarrhea. He became weak & lost a lot of weight. He eventually pulled out of it, but if you suspect it, have it checked.

-- Wendy (, February 21, 2002.

Yes! Especially older animals. By the time the diarrhea shows up, a lot of intestinal damage has already been done and there will be scarring, and reduced feed absorbtion.

-- Rebekah (, February 22, 2002.

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