Cement Block Compost Bin

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I never read a book about how to compost "scientifically". I just stacked some old cement blocks sidewise so the holes faced horizontally to catch the air. This was at the back of a shed on the north side, out of site and in the shade. I left the front side open. Filled it with layers of leaves, weeds and kitchen scraps as they were available. I also threw in dirt between the layers of veggie matter. If it was a really dry week, I let the hose run into it for a while after watering my flowers. Sometimes, if I felt like it, I took the shovel and dug around in it a little to stir it up. I didn't care if it was "done cooking" or not, if I needed a little good dirt I dug down deep enough till I found some. Can't see any point in fussing around, I have other things to do. My compost was fine without spending a penny and so little work I am almost ashamed. The next year I had potatoes and tulips growing out the top. LOL. I've moved since then, but am tempted to visit my compost site to see how it is. Why do people get attached to such things? Good Grief, I'm sentimental about a Compost Bin!

-- Susan in Northern LP Michigan (cobwoman@yahoo.com), February 21, 2002


Don't feel bad Susan, I moved my compost and bin when I moved to this house. Now I have so much manure I don't really need the compost. But I do it anyway. You also discovered the best kept secret of compost bins, they don't cost anything, and you really don't need to spend a fortune building one.

I like the cement blocks, it is a great idea!


-- Susan in Minnesota (nanaboo@paulbunyan.net), February 21, 2002.

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