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Hi, it's me, obsessing about my one an only pregnant doe again. Every morning lately when Cookie first gets up there is a soft,swollen bulge just below the vagina.It does go away during the day but is back again the next morning. Is this a prolapse or simply pressure on the area from the kids?

-- VickiP. (, February 22, 2002


How close is she? I have never experienced prolapse, and hopr to God I never do. Hopefully one of the more knowledgable folks will have an answer for you. I would just watch it closely, like you have been, and if it stayed out then I would worry. Good luck!

-- Doreen (, February 22, 2002.

No matter if it is a prolapse or not, as long as it goes away when she stands up don't do anything about it. At nearly 12 my oldest doe right now is so swollen in her vulva it looks like she has two English Muffins on both sides. It is downright embarassing to look at! She doe this every year now. I have started rubbing it with preperation H, to shrink the swelling, it is NOT working :) It will go away when she kids, but for now I just don't look at it :) vicki

-- Vicki McGaugh TX (, February 22, 2002.

Hi, she's due at the end of the month. Don't really think it's a prolapse but don't have much experiance so thought I'd ask. Seems to have something to do with lying down because when she.s up and moving it goes away.

-- VickiP. (, February 22, 2002.

hello i have pygmy goats one of then just had twins 2 weeks before delivery her rectum popped way out and had a pink ball of meat hanging from her vagina called vet and she says to get it pushed back in it was her uterus coming out told me if that didnt work and she wasnt a show goat to find some one who was a goos shot, Thank god i didnt listen. My daughter is a registered nurse so she got gloves and ky jelly oushed it back in 9 days later we have twins except now problem is mother only wants the billy i have to hand feed the nanny. i dont know what prolapse is was wondering if this is what you r talking about. becaus i have another nanny the sister to to the one that just gave birth and shes due any time just hope i dont have same problems and hope she can have other babies in the future

-- carolyn brown (, April 07, 2004.

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