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I am the first church secretary of a small congregation, (100-150 members, and growing). We would like to purchase a church management software program that will handle current and future needs. We like the looks of Shepherd's Staff but are concerned about the small church version's limit of 150 households. This decision has been left up to me, and I can't seem to find a "Consumer Report's Style" comparison of what you get for features and ease of use vs. price. Our budget is of course limited. Can anyone suggest a "best buy"?

-- susan swanson (, February 22, 2002


at there is a report on all the church management programs

about half way down the page it says: Looking for Church Management Software? Read our annual CMS review for help. Includes a detailed feature chart! 

there is a link fora review, it is in pdf formt, so you need adobe acrobat reader to look at it

-- Barry Steinman (, February 25, 2002.

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