Fair Price for Garden Plants???

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Well my little plants are coming right along in the greenhouse. They should be ready for sale just at the right time for planting. How rare is that? What I am wondering is what would be a fair price to ask for tomato, pepper, basil, etc. all heirloom, organic plants with instructions for seed saving? I was thinking $2 each, but noticed that Wally World is selling at $2.63 and the feedstore has things at $3 and $4. What do you think? Thanks!!!

-- Doreen (animalwaitress@yahoo.com), February 22, 2002


Hi Doreen, I sell my plants in 3 inch peat pots for $2.50 if I grow them out to gallon size I charge $4.00. Walmat probably dosen't have organic or many heirloom plants,so you could probably charge more. Around here people just want cheap,oh well. Good luck,Daryll

-- Daryll in NW FLA (twincrk@hotmail.com), February 22, 2002.

Daryl's pricing seems about right for here. Maybe you need to push the Organic and Heirloom aspects. Cultivate your clientele. I think people (general public) are getting to know more and are intrested in these things nowadays. I would price 'em at least close to Wally World prices. Emphasise the uniqueness aspect and make 'em feel they're getting a bargain (they are anyway). A lot of folks are willing to pay for quality. Hope you get somewhere w/ these. Let us know how sales go.

-- John in S. IN (jdoofus@hotmail.com), February 23, 2002.

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-- imme (¿¿¿??@greenspun.com), January 21, 2003.

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