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hi, i bought, and installed Hercules Firewirecard, but can't capture in Adobe Prem. I found some sort of a solution (install windows DV driver instead of Texas instrumentsdriver) but that didn't work either, (unless my settings aren't correct, i have no clue) other solution i tried: captured my video with the Ulead software en then tried to import it in Adobe, which resulted in error messages,... SO, is there anybody out there who can tell me how to deal with this compatibility problem, can it be solved ?? gettin desperate here...

-- Karen (krentmeesters@yahoo.com), February 23, 2002


Probably you solved your problem till now, but who nows.

I managed to capture image in Adobe Premiere via Hercules DV Action! without any problem, using Adobe Premiere version 6 (I believe is the only one designed for DV capture and editing) and Sony DSR 20P. Windows XP as operating system.

Your problem might be: - the wrong version of Adobe Premiere (try unintalling and reinstalling the aplication if it already is version 6) - incompatibility between Premiere and DV camcorder/deck. Check the adobe site for official compatibility list.

My guess would be you are using an older version of Premiere. Hope this would help.

-- horia (horia_mds@yahoo.com), March 14, 2002.

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