QV 5 and QV 6 book compability

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Will the books I have in QuickVerse 5 Deluxe be compatible with QuickVerse 6 Greek, or QuickVerse 6 Expanded. Can I import or load the 5 edition into/on the 6 edition? I understand that QV 6 is compatible with XP, but is QV 5 also compatible with XP?

Thanks, Clem

-- C Wixted (cwixted@allnow.net), February 23, 2002


you should address this question with findex tech support


-- Barry Steinman (info@discountchristian.com), February 25, 2002.

I run qv 7 and qv 6 greek edition using my old qv 5 books just fine. All of the books can be read by any edition including the Bibles. I even use them in WordSearchBible and can run either application with any of the Step books but not the WSBible Bibles. Step books are compatible with a number of vendors.

-- Dale DePriest (DaleDe@cwnet.com), July 04, 2002.

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