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A friend has a five month old lab pup who has mange. She has been using some type of miticide from the vet on him. I was wondering about the pour on Ivermectin for treating this? I have NOT told her to do this, I just was thinking that it should work, but am sure there are some dangers involved. Any ideas? Thanks!!!

-- Doreen (, February 24, 2002


Wash with Joy dishwashing soap followed by spray application of Paramite. Give injectible plain Ivermec for cattle orally, 1cc/100lb body weight. Repeat Joy/Paramite in one week. Repeat Ivermec in 3 weeks. Keep pet away from children. Wash thoroughly after handling pet.

-- Rags (, February 24, 2002.

Thanks Rags! I wish I could download your brain.....well, maybe not literally! I appreciate your vast knowledge might be better, huh?

-- Doreen (, February 25, 2002.

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