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All I can say, is you best be home birthing. Man oh man.

SC Gubernatorial Candidate Exposes DNA Database Sierra Times 02.23.02

Reb Sutherland 's campaign recently disclosed that the South Carolina legislature passed a law that required the SC Department of Health and Environmental Control to begin freezing DNA samples taken from all SC infants born in and after 1995.

On February 18, 2002, Sutherland's campaign was alarmed to read an Associated Press news story about Derek Jacobs, a 14-year old living in Boca Raton, Florida who has volunteered with the Food and Drug Administration to become the first child to be implanted with a human microchip. His mother and father will also join with him and receive a microchip implant, as well as fifty other volunteers.

Sutherland warned, "The federal government has an agenda that includes placing DNA data, medical data, all education information, and insurance data on the human microchip. The South Carolina legislature is far down the road in the development of the coming human microchip. At Savannah River Site, even the snakes have their own social security number which is placed on a microchip and inserted into each snake. They have been tracking animals for years with this technology."

Sutherland stated to her audience, "In Goals 2000, which is also Public Law 103-227, under Title V, one will find the initial federal legislation which unlocked the door for use of DNA identification combined with computer technology in the education system pursuant to the business community's desires. It is called "National Skill Standards Board Act of 1994".

Sutherland's campaign has studied the news about the VeriChip technology which is undergoing FDA approval in 2002. The company that produces it is called Applied Digital Solutions. A spokesperson for the company said that "the assembly can be injected through a syringe and implanted into various locations within the body." The VeriChip is the first computer microchip designed for human identification. [Source: Charles Murray, 1/4/02]

Sutherland warned that the federal "Model State Emergency Health Powers Act" [MSEHPA] was passed by Congress on October 23, 2001. It was drafted in collaboration with the National Governors Association and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. It serves as the model for the South Carolina legislation including H-4416 ("SC Omnibus Terrorism Protection and Homeland Defense Act of 2002"), and for several executive orders including EO2001-23 and #O2001-34. The bill H-4416 was introduced on December 19, 2001 by Mr. Wilkins to the SC House; the most recent member to co-sponsor the bill was Knotts on 2/20/02. She also explained that Gov. Hodges's has the authority to "declare a state of emergency or disaster", especially in the event of a perceived biological threat. Sutherland's campaign emphasizes that the South Carolina Governor now has the legal ability to declare a "state of emergency"; thus making himself a dictator whenever he so desires. The Governor will hold the power to force upon citizens mandatory health exams, mandatory vaccinations and other "protective" maneuvers. Furthermore, the federal legislation MSEHPA releases all health or state workers from any liability in the event of injury or death from an exam or vaccine.

Sutherland said, "Since the microchip is now able to be inserted into a human with a hypodermic needle, then the potential for human implantation of the microchip -- with or without a citizen's knowledge -- has arrived in South Carolina."

-- Doreen (, February 25, 2002


Last paragraph, just a might bit scary to me.

Talk to you later.

-- Bob in WI (, February 25, 2002.

South Carolina today and___________ tomorrow.

Then all hooked to a big mother of a puter....

pleasent thoughts.......

-- Jim-mi (, February 26, 2002.

Now folks might be embarassed to do this, but I would rather be embarassed than unknowingly micro chipped. Last time I had to have a tetanus shot I asked point blank if there was a chip in there. Of course I smiled and made it kind of a joke, and the nurse laughed and held it up to the light and said she couldn't see it...I asked to have a look. No chip. I thanked her for amusing me and she said it was no problem. Good for another ten years;).

-- Doreen (, February 26, 2002.

Puts a whole new "horror" into a recent horror movie title - " I know what you did last summer" Or last week, last night, etc.

I can't comprehend what motivates this type of thing. Or the why part. I understand it's all about control and power, but I'll be darned if I can figure out how anyone or any government can rationalize the need for these type of things. I don't have that mindset and just can't "get it".

All another piece of satans plan I guess. As a licensed health care provider, I hope I never see the day when I'm expected to either submit to one of these or administer one. Like Buddy Holly said "That'll be the day, when I die".

-- John in S. IN (, February 26, 2002.

They have already decieved us about the stealing of newborn blood. Who's to say that they haven't been implanting these chips into those same newborns since 1985?

-- D E McCuen (D E, August 29, 2002.

I "watched" an implant removal surgery on Coast to Coast AM. Several surgeons fought for 90 minutes to remove a 3mm pin shaped implant from a woman's face. The same group of surgeon's have removed the same type of implants from various parts of the human body. the implants are all generally the same. See for a complete analysis of the properties of the implants as analyzed (without editorial comment) by NIDS and otehr labs.

Here is a small excerpt of the analysis - "Sample T1,2 can be described as needle or lamellar in shape, with a predominantly iron core and a non-conducting, dark gray-black coating. This coating or surface layer material has Fe, Ca, P, Cl and very possibly some lighter elements (i.e. C, O) as its constituents. The phase analysis via x-ray diffraction was not absolutely conclusive due to the extremely small sample size, however the best fit to the obtained pattern suggests Anapaite, Ca_2Fe(PO_4_)2H_2O, Goethite, FeO(OH), iron phosphide, FeP_4, and phosphorus oxide, P_2O_5, as likely phases. The microstructure of the core (polished and etched) as observed under an optical microscope resembles an iron rich alloy with large amounts of carbon, probably in the form of iron carbide. The iron is likely to be alpha-Fe with a body-centered-cubic packing (bcc structure) since the samples are magnetized. The hardness of this core material is very high, in the neighborhood of high carbon tool steels."

-- John Galt (, December 06, 2003.

Let me define 'watched' in my above message. The sound portion was via radio with the photo's and mpeg's on the website. (formerly the "Art Bell" show) Most guests, like tonights, are highly credible. Some are just nuts.

The host, George Noory, attended the surgery earlier today and watched the impartial and independent surgeon perform the procedure. The characteristics of the implant astounded the doctor and the witnesses.

It magnetized their instruments, radiated a spectrum of frequencies at a very low power and the implant, by the nature of the metal, seems to "avoid" removal attempts.

This was the 11th implant discovered and removed in the past few years.

The operating surgeon stated that the procedure should have taken 15 minutes, but due to the "activity" of the implant, it took a very difficult 1 1/2 hours.

-- John Galt (, December 06, 2003.


-- lala (, January 27, 2004.

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