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Well the doe that kidded on Sunday and had a hard time is up, eating drinking fine but still has the after birth coming out. She is already on penicillen- the vet said 3cc in the muscle, we also gave her oxytocin. He said to give it a few days to come out -? I searched some previous posts on this in the Countryside forum, is this really not such a big deal? When should I be worried? On a more positive note another set of triplets (2 bucks and a doe) were born yesterday to a first freshener, went without a hitch. Now I have no more due till May.

-- Terri in NS (, February 26, 2002


It isn't a big deal if it is hanging out. If it is true retained placenta, where it is all up inside, then you have problems, the cervic will close and the body can't absorb all of this, to discharge through the closed cervic, infection sets up, death or sterility follows. With it hanging out the placenta rots, smells like death, but will hold the cervic open. A bo-se shot, lots of massaging and milking, standing behind the doe and bear hugging in front of the udder, which massages the uterous, raspberry leaves, oxytocin every 6 hours, and unless your doe only weighs 50 pounds, 300,000 unit pennicillin is dosed at 3cc per 50 pounds and is given under the skin. Take her temp daily, if it rises then give 2 shots a day. The placenta is attached up in the uterous by little suction cups, something didn't trigger in the doe for her to release them, once the placenta rots, all that will be left as the cervic closes is the suction cups, which the healthy body can eaisly take care of.

Did the vet see her? Did he tie up the placenta? You do not want it dragging on the ground, or where she can step on it. Vicki

-- Vicki McGaugh TX (, February 27, 2002.

My doe had triplets- a rough delivery and she too, had pieces of placenta expelled. Mine took nearly two weeks. It can take up to a month in certain cases. So rest easy.

-- Hayley (, February 27, 2002.

Thanks for putting my mind at ease guys. No the vet didn't come out, I just described what what going on to him. I think the last of it came out this afternoon, but how will I know if it is all out? I didn't really know how to "tie up the placenta" so I put the whole thing in a plastic shopping bag, and used an old bathrobe tie to attach it about her waist. What is the proper thing to do to it? Anyway the vet is supposed to be calling me back this aft so guess I'd better get off the phone. Thanks again.

-- Terri in NS (, February 27, 2002.

Finish the course of penicillin. Next time you have a normal delivery of placenta, take it away from the doe and really look at it, hose it off, and look how it makes a perfect arc, has buttons to hook onto the uterus etc. This way you know what has come out and what hasn't on the next problem you have. I would take her temp for awhile just to make sure you don't have a low grade fever, but the pennicillin should take care of any infection she may try to get.

I just tie up the placenta with hay twine. I will even add heavy nuts (as in nuts and bolts) to it to weight it down some. The plastic bag is a very good idea, and would have helped to keep the flys off some if it had gone on for longer. You could have even added weight to the whole thing by putting stuff in the bag :) Vicki

-- Vicki McGaugh TX (, February 27, 2002.

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