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I have had several inquires about how to form a VOC. A Voluntary Organizing Committee is very easy to set up. You make a motion and have it seconded. You will need a chair person and a recording secretary. Then you ask for any members that would be interested in joining.

This VOC can be set up for just about any thing that you can think about. How about setting up a VOC to call members to remind them about the next Union meeting or how to motivate members to attend your meetings.Use a VOC to determine what class's that should be taught as a journeyman upgrade.

The options are up for you to decide. Get Involved in your Local.

Peter McGuire believed that a union's strength flowed from its member's participation. Involvement demands information.

Our Union is only as strong as our participation.

Ron Oliver

-- Ron Oliver (, February 27, 2002


Yes You are correct in many ways, but you do not have to have a motion or a recording secretary or a chair person- the idea of the VOC - started back in Peter McGuires' day- he was the pioneer of the VOC- any one or more people have the right to organize- its the foundation of freedom that our brotherhood is based on- you need no more than dedication and people that are willing to stand up for what they believe in. The hard part of the VOC is getting more people involved in it and keeping them involved. For many years now member involvement has been on the decline and its more of an important issue than signing new employers to contracts- it is a battle that in the very essence of the future demands- if we do not keep our members in the spotlight and satisfied and service them with intentions of professionalism and keep up with our dedication to them we will have more of a problem than contrators that will not sign contracts. How about some ideas on how to get members to stand up to the plate? Where are about 90% of our members at union meetings? And how do we get them to play an active role in our future as a united brotherhood? all these questions and more and I am not the first to ask them and doubt that I will be the last.

-- d. emrofni (, February 28, 2002.

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