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i have 4 holstein bottle calves , 2 at 8 weeks and 2 at 1 week. this morning , i find one of the younger calves near death . he had showed no signs of being ill of any sorts, just 6 hours before(scours, running nose or anything). the only thing i could see that was strange , he seemed to have regurgitated some fecal matter up in his mouth. he was always a little slow taking his bottle. i was wondering if he might of had something wrong with his digestive system?thanks

-- ed (, February 27, 2002


The possible fecal matter in the mouth sounds like a twisted gut or some obstrution in the intestines preventing food going through. Sorry about your loss.

-- Kate henderson (, February 27, 2002.

Was he having bowel movements normally? If not, I agree with Kate ~ possible bowel obstruction. He still could have had an obstruction if he was passing normal bms, but I thought I'd mention this to give you one more clue. I know it bothers me when I can't figure out why something died. I'm very sorry he died. I hope the other three come throug fine.

-- Wingnut (, February 28, 2002.

yes his bowel movements have been good and not runny at all. he had started munching on a little hay, lately

-- ed (, February 28, 2002.

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