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My goats are boarded an hour from me, so I have not seen this baby buck (born this morning) with my own eyes yet (will tonight). He is out of a 12 yr old mama who we didn't think was even pregnant (you go, girl!!) My friend who is boarding the goats for me says he has difficulty latching on to Mom, his lower jaw seems shorter than it should be, a parrot mouth I believe is the term? She has been able to give him a bottle, but I am wondering if he will be able to nurse in a few days, and will he be able to eat normally as an adult (he will be castrated of course). Thanks, Julie in OK

-- Julie (, February 28, 2002


I don't know specifically the answer to your question. Genetically, we were about to geld a stallion who then started to develop his jaw. Then in dogs, I've seen a parrot mouth resolve in eight weeks. If the genetics are there, don't dismiss until 8 weeks. And ask here whether it'll ever resolve.

Just my view,


-- Dennis (, March 15, 2002.

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