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Cookie had her kids today, two does and a buck. Last years kidding was so easy, but this one was hard.Went in to feed this morning and knew right away it would be today.Took til 3 o'clock though and calls to both vets and a goat person.hardly any real labor then they were coming fast and hard.One came ear first, the others came rear first. They came so hard and fast I couldn't get them turned and they came the way they were. Cooke is doing good and two of the kids are fine. but the one that came ear first isn't doing vey good. she must have inhale fluid, her breathing is gurgleing and she's just laying there. I have her on a heating pad, have given her nutri drench, colostrum, and vitamins.Dosen't look good for her.Cookie has had some penicillen and another shot the vet recomended. Placenta's already come out and she's taking good care of the healthy babies.So I guess 2 of 3 ain't bad.Sad though.

-- VickiP. (, March 01, 2002


I find all this midwifery nervewracking. It sounds like you did as well as anyone could. I'm glad it seems like things are mostly good!

-- Doreen (, March 01, 2002.

It's always a shame to lose a doe! Still, while I have no experience with goat babies, many a human baby perks up after a hard delivery if it is kept warm, dry, and fed: you sound like you have taken care of that. Good luck, she might still make it. With a human baby we would watch it for signs of pneumonia for a few days if she was having any trouble at all with her lungs, though.

-- Terri (, March 01, 2002.

Excuse me! I meant it is always a shame to lose a DOELING!

-- Terri (, March 01, 2002.

I am confused... She came ear first? Was her head turned sideways? Or turned backwards? It sounds like she is blessed to even be alive. Hope she starts to improve. :)

-- Rebekah (, March 01, 2002.

Her head was sideways, I think with the nose pointed in and down. Once the head was out[the body was still in] I cleared the nose as quickly as I could, then the shoulders came.Pulled the rest out.Cookie was pushing as hard and fast as she could. I am amazed she is doing so well now, cause the other two were rear first, also hard and fast.Am watching her to see she doesn't get sick from all this.

-- VickiP. (, March 01, 2002.

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