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Hi, I don't know if this is ok, but I have an Uncle who lives in TN and he is a nice guy and lives in the country. He doesn't go to the forums or anything like that. He is 54 and likes to hunt and fish and has an awesome view of the mountains.. I love where he lives. Anyhow, he is 6foot 1 and 190 pounds, and also enjoys video's and sittin in front of the fireplace. If you are interested in writting to my Uncle you can email me personally and I will give you his email address. My email address is He also is a great pool player--and has a ton of trophy's.

-- Judi (, March 01, 2002


Judi, I am sure it's okay to do a little match making as long as the intended match knows what's goin' on. Might be why we all hang out here! So....he's hiding in the woods in TN? Don't you suppose he is hiding for a reason? Us womenfolk sure can mess up a mans day! LOL.

-- Susan in Northern LP Michigan (, March 01, 2002.

My dearest name sake and friend, you are soooooo right. But to be fair they, the men, can sure mess up a woman's day too! Isn't that why we arn't married any more? Isn't that why we(you) dig your own well, garden, plant your garden, make and clean up your own mess. You know when I finally kicked my ex out of the house. I scrubbed my house spotless, I am NOT a neat freak, my mother will atest to that. From that moment on it was MY mess, and I found I actually liked cleaning up after myself. Now that my children are making THEIR mess ALL over the place, it is almost like being back to square one. Hmmmm What will I do when they leave and I have to admit it was my mess all along?

Boy did I digress, oh well it's the weekend!

The other one

-- Susan In MN (, March 02, 2002.


Thats one of the reasons this board came into existance. Just keep in mind , there are some tough, independent women that come here :>). Maybe some of the ladies in TN will contact you.


Are the men offered "rebuttal time" on this? Some of us guys know the song "Mamma, she's LAZY" by heart :>)

-- Jay Blair in N. AL (, March 02, 2002.

Jay your just plain sassy today!!! But you are right, and you won't hear me say that often, there are some pretty independent women on this forum. And of course you men are allowed rebuttal time. But is this going to be like that guy in the garden? If no one answers or hears you are you still wrong?

Fondly, Susan

-- Susan you know the one (, March 02, 2002.

Me thinks this is a good one to stay out of. The day has gone well so why upset the apple cart.

-- Jim-mi (, March 02, 2002.


I wish I had the intelligence you posess :>)

-- Jay Blair in N. AL (, March 02, 2002.

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