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I hope someone can help me with this. I succesfully uploaded a couple of pics, about a year ago. For the life of me, I cannot remember how I did it! I cannot figure out how to get the .jpg file that I seem to need to send the pictures where I want them to go. Hopefully, someone will know what I am asking, even if I don't!!

For example, I want to post pictures on eBay ~~ ???? I do have a scanner. I have downloaded a "trial version of Paint Shop Pro and my computer came with Kodak imaging. Okay, not sure what else to tell you, so I think I will stop now and hope for the best! Thanks!

-- Wendy@GraceAcres (, March 02, 2002


when I put a pic on ebay,, I just have it saved in Documents,, and move it from there. DOnt have to do anythign sepecial with it,, from scanner,, to documents,, to ebay.

-- Stan (, March 02, 2002.

Thanks stan! Maybe I am making it more difficult than need be.

My problem seems to be where my picture is stored~~and the file~~ bmp, tpp, jpeg, jpg, ect.... Because I am unable to simply move it. Oh well, I will keep on it. Thanks!

-- Wendy@GraceAcres (, March 04, 2002.

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