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Just was going back though the kidding posts. I can hardly wait for my 2 Nubian girls to kid. The first one is due April 1st. If she has kids on the 1st and one's a buck I'm going to call it "Jokes on you" I have had 5 buck kids in the last 2 years, no does! I'm trying to build a small herd from these girls and so far no one is cooperating. My other does is due April 18 and she is the one I really want a doeling out of. She is getting older and I think I should retire her soon. They got their last shots today. Now it just try to wait patiently for the big day! Best wishes for everyone kidding, hope all goes well. Pamela

-- Pamela Smith (, March 04, 2002


I wait all year for kidding , it's my favorite time. I had 11 kids this year and 8 were bucks. I hope all yours are does and you have a great time. April will be here before you know it.

-- sherry (, March 04, 2002.

Good luck Pamela, we've had 7 kids so far... 3 bucks & 4 does. We have 2 more does to deliver late this month & I want all does so bad! I love the kidding season too!


-- Sharon in AL (, March 05, 2002.

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