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Hi, I would like to buy a PC. I am in my final year at Uni, but don't know what my plans ae for next year i.e. in Britain or not - this will affect how much I spend on a PC. I basically want to capture VHS onto CD or harddrive with very good quality if possible. Also, i want to be able to capture DV from a digital video camera. Basically I'm a beginner DV capture enthusiast based on a still image manipulating experience with Adobe Photoshop 6. I would like to capture some footage at Uni and make into a cd for mates, and also save my VHS collection from deterioration!! I'm looking at minimising my costs but I know a good system costs a lot of money. Just wondering if the folowing spec sounds good enough: XP1600+ MAXTOR 40GB HDD 7200rpm 256MB DDR MEMORY Super ATI Radeon VE 64MB AGP VGA TV Out + DVI 16X40 DVD-ROM DRIVE. 16X10X40 CD-RW K7S5A MOTHERBOARD Plus a ADS PYRO ProDV (Platinum Bundle)

Can you suggest improvements to the system or an outright disapproval. Please help me! Cheers

-- James Tinker (esvjr@csv.warwick.ac.uk), March 04, 2002

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