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Contact: Bodytherm Artist Group Management 468 N. Camden Dr. Beverly Hills CA, 90210 (310) 860-5101

Blu Monkey Magazine is a new but experienced publication, both on and off-line, with a distribution of 100,00 units and a superior target audience worldwide. Our magazine is an excellent vehicle in promoting artists of all genres. Our expertise in the entertainment industry is very broad; we work hand in hand with record labels and fashion depots. We have a phenomenal relationship with the International Press Academy,, which is known, all around the world for its support of worldwide film; the International Press Academy just awarded Nicole Kidman with a Golden Satellite Award for Best Actress in Moulin Rouge. With the support of the International Press Academy we hope to have the largest entertainment publication of all time. Our objective is lots of content, lots of promotion for the artist, and we will never compromise content and artist promotion for advertising. We are currently donating 100% of our income over the next six months to the International Press Academy. In return the International Press Academy will develop a second to none awards ceremony honoring the best Independent filmmakers, multimedia designers, and artists from around the globe. Also they will develop a fund and scholarship program for underprivileged children who cannot afford to experience the arts. We will also give out scholarships to college graduates who are pursuing their masters in the arts, music, multimedia, and film production. Blu Monkey Entertainment Magazine is the first of the real entertainment magazines in the new millennium. “Break out of your cage.” Support the arts, support your artist, promote in Blu Monkey Magazine. We are currently accepting press packets from all genres of entertainment and art.

-- Abhi Ahmadadeen (, March 05, 2002

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