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A month or so ago I went to the local animal pharmacy and told them I needed the Tetnus vaccine and one for pasteurella as per JD's book on goats. They gave me Covexin 8 and Electroid 7. Now I don't remember which is for what and I need a dosage. Help please!

-- Sheila Smith (, March 05, 2002


The covexin 8 has directions for sheep on it, it is overkill on your goats unless you have some of the problems it vaccinates for in your area. Ditch the pasteurella vaccine, if you have problems with pnemonia on purchased goats (like we do when we broker large groups, who are in less than good health, just use the nasal spray for pneomia that Jeffers carries) Purchase your own vaccines and tack through Follow good aseptic techniques when using the Covexin 8, but also be warned that it causes lumps, some lumps simply won't go away.

And you have several other gals on this list to ask questions of! They may even use the pasteurella vaccine with great results! :) Vicki

-- Vicki McGaugh TX (, March 05, 2002.

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