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Today is the day I go round up the extra roosters, old hens and egg eaters for butcher day tomorrow. This is quite a trick as all my poultry is free range. There is no fence keeping them home, just there own free will and flock reinforcement. There is no coop to lock them safely in at night. Just a large hutch, where they are free to come and go, with the largest rooster guards the door at night.

Aside from a few dear pet hens, most of these birds are wary of us. Yes, we are the hands that provide their food, but they work hard on their own scratching for bugs, slugs and weed seeds.

How I catch these birds is quite simple. I don't target an individual bird, but a class of bird. You see, there are several sub-flocks out there each with their own leader. As long as each leader does not do anything smart or rebellious, he can remain free, until his time. If he chooses to challenge me or lead the flock to safety, he is captured first and placed in a box where he cannot watch and direct his flock.

I go out with a large fish net in one hand and I wave the other hand in a menacing, frightening manner and the chickens run right into the net and get all ensnared. It works every time, wave the "bad" hand and they jump right into the unescapable snare.

It reminds me so much of our government and what they are doing to us. They wave that big ol' bad hand with TERRORIST written on it and the people jump by the thousands into the snare of safety. Like my chickens, they will be placed in a crowded cage and be slaughtered tomorrow. Yes, they will be safe in their cage tonight. The rooster will not be burdened with watching the door. They will be very safe from the bad hand tonight.

By tomorrow night, the only poultry left will be the young, productive, complacent hens and a few docile and (politically)correct roosters. The rest will be ready for both hands to serve them up to the gluttonous greed of big governments everywhere. They will have a party and feast on the carcasses of those who jumped into the safety net.

Good bye, Fryer Tuck, good bye Butter Ball, good bye Dumplin, Fricasee, Cacciatore and the rest of you. You serve well.

-- Laura (, March 05, 2002


Now that was a great comparison. Like lambs to the slaughter house so are the days of our lives. We are not the S.E.A.L. teams so we will be leaving a few behind (a great many few). Somehow I believe that those who lose their liberty instead of their life will be acting like the CS forum did. How could this happen ? He only said organize for the common good. We will better off. Why did he delete a prayer request ? Oh, My God Joel was right-where is Joel ? HELP. This is why it is so important to attack tyranny in it's infant stages. We are beyond the point of infancy now and it will take sacrifice, blood and armies to regain what we lost. I ask this than and I'll ask it again---Are You Ready to Fight Yet ? and I think your probably still not. WHY ? No one has burned down your farm. No one has killed a family member yet ? Just give it time and now you are one year closer since the last time I asked !

-- Joel Rosen (, March 06, 2002.

What does it say in the Declaration of Independence? While the tyranny remains somewhat tolerable, people will not fight. My friend's Dad was visiting here tthis fall, the man served in WWII, Korea and was in the reserves for the rest of his working life. He teared up when we were discussing the Patriot Act and all of this stuff. I just said "It's not what you fought for all those years,... huh?" It breaks my heart to see these older men who always held faith in the idea that the United States was different from the rest of the world in that we would do what was right. There are a whole bunch of these older men. Many I have met are upset that they are past fighting age, I think it would be wise to talk with them and consider their counsel very carefully. We have come to the point where we dismiss the wisdom of experience in this country. Don't discount anyone with a love for freedom.

My question is, when do we know that it is time? Also, since there is no real organization depite the propaganda there is not going to be any organized resistance. It will be piecemeal when the blue helmets are sitting in the crow's nests at the intersections. Coming sooner than I'd like to imagine, too.

-- Doreen (, March 09, 2002.

Well, Doreen, the time to do it was about 15 years ago. But then, just as now, nobody wants to hear it and nobody wants to give up the easy chair and remote. Some of us will not be fighting again. And yes, Joel, some of us did lose everything we had in those first battles.

In those years, Doreen, I had two different neighbors, both of them veterans of WWI AND WWII and one of them did the Spanish American war, too. These were off grid guys who kept a clean cabin and a big garden. Both were fighting the county and relatives to prevent incarceration in nursing homes. They were refused the right to live and die in their own homes in the freedom they had fought hard for. They were shocked by how many rights they had quietly lost, and they were shocked by the indifference of the public over the atrocities being committed against citizens.

Has anyone noticed how the government has been quietly picking off militia leaders and outspoken critics? Wasn't it last week they handed one guy a full automatic weapon, said "Hey, can you fix this?" then busted him for posession as soon as he took it. Yup, I think they've been taking one a week.

I appreciate all those who want to fight for our country now. You'll leave a few marks but you'll lose. The battle has to be for the hearts and minds of people, first, and we have failed miserably in that task. Without them, there will be no Warriors for Christ, and I won't play on any other team.

-- Laura (, March 09, 2002.

You are very right, Laura. Think about Tiennamin Square: those people had thousands of supporters, the whole world cheering them on, and it didn't do them one bit of good. Can you imagine this miserable furniture that populate Amerikiya today gathering in Washington like those Chinese students? How in unholy blazes can Arizona not recall that communist traitor John McCain? What is WRONG with people in New York to elect that monster Hillary Clinton? How can the Butcher of Waco be not only, not in prison, but actually running for governor of Florida?

Think about it: in spite of the full force of the liberal media and every crooked thing those lying, cheating Democrats could do, an actual MAJORITY of Americans voted to stop the Clinton/Gore nightmare and in spite of it all, look what has happened now.

Joel, you're a great guy, man,and I admire the s--t out of you, but you just don't know. A LOT of us HAVE had our farms burned and our people killed. I for one have had my nose rubbed in the economic gutter till I damn nearly starved. And thanks to affirmative action and political correctness I can forget EVER and I mean EVER going back to my profession.

One thing wrong with your analogy, though, Laura. Chickens are a mighty far stretch to compare to Americans: chickens are noble heroes compared to today's Americans. No self respecting chicken ever hatched who would vote for Hillary Clinton.

But, yes mam, Laura, you have hit the nail on the head. There ain't no cavalry coming . . . stick a fork in Amerikiya, she's done.

-- Rags (, March 09, 2002.

Well that just about sums it up. I wasn't even awake 15 years ago. AIDS, the Gulf "War" and Waco were really instrumental in rousing me from my slumber, and I would say the Rodney King verdict was also a bigee.

From where I sit everything, literally everything, is about getting people to see the truth, and exposing things for what they really are. Whatever it takes to get a small break in the scales over the eyes, so that the hearts and minds can be opened. I KNOW how it ends, and am thankful that there is that assurance, yet there are physical, mental as well as spiritual battles to be fought. Of course when it all comes down to brass tacks the only one that matters is the spiritual battle- yet they all go hand in hand. We are indeed living in most interesting times, friends.

Of course I also know that not everyone is interested in the truth, but some are...and some just have to be apprised of the fact that virtually everything here is a bold faced lie....then you can point out the temporary nature of this life. ***This is only a test***-BUT it is Pass/Fail, not multiple choice. It's like a mathethmatical equation, there is only one right answer. I guess that despite my cynicism, I still hold onto some of the naivete that I have always had. (Yes, my inner child is kicking and screaming while being held in chains-or maybe it is already dead???:) I truly think that most people don't even realize what is happening, or what time it is spiritually. That is part of the War. We won't get this country back, but it doesn't matter(!!!), we can't sit and watch a Running Man style society come to complete fruition without standing against it. That simply wouldn't be the right thing to do. If I look at 8 year old there is no way that I can justify sitting back with my (non existent-no teevee) remote control. Proverbs says, "A wise man leaves an inheritance for his children's children." (Oh, that's right, the goobermint gets half of that too! lol)

Yes, I have been noticing how the miltia leaders and the uncowed authors have been getting nabbed on a weekly basis. Them and the microbiologists. Just wait until it starts happening to us. It won't be long. But not much of a ruckus will be raised. They can only kill you once though.:) At times it does seem that the best thing to do is to just shut up and let everything go to hell in a handbasket without a protest, but it goes against my nature. For cryin' out loud, I put splints on birds legs and nurse them until they are well!

Man, I am frustrated. All I really want to do is to just plant my garden and be all filled with peace and love and marvel at the intricacies and miracles of life and not even think about the horrors committed on an hourly basis that seem to pass without much notice and less air time, but I can't seem to isolate myself to that degree. I occasionally have to leave my driveway in the rearview. And I don't do drugs anymore,(thank God!) so I can't even delude myself to that degree. I don't even believe in escaping reality as I have learned that it always catches up with you at the least opportune time, and the longer you procrastinate the more unruly it becomes. So the only way out is TRUTH.

Yes, America is Amerika, there is no more Constitution, just thinking on these things makes one a terrorist, yes, we are going to lose battle after battle after battle, but the REAL War is already won. We have to do battle where we are sent to do battle regardless of the outcome of that particular sortie.

Sorry for rambling on, but that happens from time to time.

-- Doreen (, March 10, 2002.

TRUTH !! No one wants to be the first to die but for me that death already occurred on a ridge in Idaho. Ironically, he had four legs and answered to the name "Striker". Most likely no one else will see him as the first casulity of a revolution. His crime ? Free Speech on his own land --- whoof, whoof BooMMM !

I hear the frustration in all of you ! We are so few--We try and nothing happens--we will either be picked off one by one or be cannon fodder. I understand your feelings ! You say it will never work and I am here to tell you that it is working and you are what makes it work ! Keep talking, Keep writing. Don't you imagine the first meeting of the men who had enough guts to express an idea for seperation of a world ruling King ?

I've been out there several times with an Ak-47 to do damage to tyranny. Now my weapons are a bible and a keyboard, but I will use what I have. It's true the militia's are quiet at the moment. We support the present action against Al Quieda but we will not support any further aggression. Don't worry about what they do to us. We expected it and we will be fine. They invite a thousand soldiers to our side everytime they arrest a voice !

The most important thing you can ever do is teach your children, who will teach their children. Who may someday say --my grandpa our grandma wrote this in the early days of the Second American Revolution !

-- Joel Rosen (, March 10, 2002.

I think some of you would enjoy reading these 2 papers. Take comfort in are not alone.

All Hail Fatherland Security: Has the Time Come To Shoot The Bastards?

What Good Can a Handgun Do Against an Army

-- P-T (, March 14, 2002.

Interesting thoughts, guys. Your time frame is off though. I was an ardent Conservative Republican, anti-communist 35 years ago and I was hauled up before NYState Atty. Genl. Louie Lefkowitz on possible treason and crime? Being an ardent anti-communist and having a weekly newspaper. (Also a fringe member of the Minutemen, a strongly anti-communist group who were grouping as a strong militia in case the communists ever took over our country). I was young then and scared off. See where that trail has gone? Now I'm a little old grandma seething in my rocking chair. (But I have 10 acres and a shotgun, and a shovel). Hah!

-- Marion Brown (, March 14, 2002.

Than you for your hard work and sacrifices, Marion. 35 years ago, I was a little kid in a government indoctrination center and I don't think Doreen had been thought of yet.

My Dear Spouse says we are ALL wrong. The time to stand up and fight for our country was at its inception when it was first infiltrated by those who work to destroy it from within.

-- Laura (, March 16, 2002.

I was in diapers. Maybe I should get them back out?

The communists have invaded, their plan is implemented, and people think Rush Limbaugh is actually fighting for conservative ideologies. As long as I have breath, I will stand against it. They can only kill me once, right? Thanks, Marion for seeing it far ahead of time.

And OT, I have already read all of those!! Welcome!

-- Doreen (, March 16, 2002.

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