"blisters" on udder

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Our first freshener is due to kid in four weeks and has developed small blisters on her udder that are full of pus. She got something that looked just like this last fall on her hind leg which the local small animal vet decided was an allergy to something. She had me scrub it twice a day with Betadine, and it cleared up in about a week. There are two reasons it concerns me more this time 1) We plan to use the milk and these sores are near the teats and 2) Would there be a plant that she has a problem with in fall and spring and not in-between? Or maybe the vet was just venturing a guess (she is not the only vet in our very small town, and we have switched to the other one as she is a goat/llama/pony vet not just dogs and cats.) Anyway, she is fine otherwise, gestating nicely:) Thanks in advance for your help. Cara

-- Cara Dailey (daileyd@agalis.net), March 05, 2002


I've been hoping someone else would answer this, so I could learn, too. My favorite doe has yet again developed a couple of blisters on her udder. My first thought was ammonia burn. We've had bad weather, and I haven't had the time to clean her coop as often as it's been needed.

-- mary (marylgarcia@aol.com), March 10, 2002.

I have seen this before on one of my does, I bought her from a breeder at a fair, and I think she got it there. It cleared up in a week or so. I thought it was goat pox at the time. No one else got it.

-- Rebekah (daniel1@itss.net), March 11, 2002.

Thanks Rebekah! That is pretty much what happened this time. One of the spots got pretty big, but even the scab is gone now. Can't wait to see her babies! Cara

-- Cara Dailey (daileyd@agalis.net), March 11, 2002.

You may need to check for mastitis. Does sometimes develop sores from this. Another possibility is that I have had does get sore mouth on their teats from babies with sore mouth.

-- Shelley Langley (langley@tiptontel.com), March 05, 2003.

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