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Hi from the great frozen north

Can one of you please pop into the shed, I posted a question there and my computer is acting up again so won't take the chance of repeating it here and lossing it again. Thanks Anne

-- Anne Bennett (, March 07, 2002


And while you're there, would you take an extra minute to respond to the post on long bone fusion? thanks!

-- Judy Corwin VA Nubians (, March 09, 2002.


I am experiencing problems getting my hotmail and msn to load, its so slow today. If you could kindly pleas epost privately or here I will be glad to try to help.

-- Bernice (, March 09, 2002.

Hi Bernie

Hope this works. Anyway a friend had a pair of herms born the other day, The doe was one of mine a saanen/spanish cross and the buck a purebred saanen. Both animals were disbudded not polled. My friend runs a sheep farm and the goats are nurse maids for the bummer lambs, so she wasn't to upset, but I am. Genetics on the buck are good and with spanish in the doe(I bought her mom and twin sister)I hadn't expected a problem. The mom and the sister both had normal kids no problems, so can it possibly be a copper problem? If this happened in one of my sheep, I would say it was because the doe was moved on the 8th day after being with the buck, in a horrible snowstorm for three hours to get her back home. Being cold and wet would have caused a sheep to not implant the embyro and possibly have this side effect. I guess what I'm asking is this also possible for goats or because the does get only sheep mineral, what do you guys think? Oh yeah, she said 1 was born dead and the other cried for 4 or 5 mins before dieing, didn't try standing, just lay there and squawked. Thanks for your help and please send warm weather, I have lambs due today and it's -25 out there. Got the old blowdrier standing by. Anne

-- Anne Bennett (, March 09, 2002.

Well.... hmmmm..... I am thinking. It is possible that not enough copper and/or selinium may be the culprit here. Here is Joyce's website for mineral deficiencies and problems:

I suspect that it may be the problem, but what makes me wonder is the weird kidding problems and complications folks ahve been experiencing across the country this spring. What were they like at birth? Fully develpoed healthy appearing kids and then this happened? Or were there kidding problems, etc? Was she a full 150 days? I hope this helps, I didn't copy and past your question so I forgot some of the details.

-- Bernice (, March 09, 2002.

Ok, missed the herms part. Both were disbudded and no sign of herms in the lines? Hmmmmm well, sometimes that happens, my husband would know, I'll ask him. We had a doe we bought that is the daughter of one of our top does, she is a free martin, we hope she will come into heat. She was in a birth of triplets. I think what happens is that somewhere in the gene pool a click with the DNA happens and this happens. Its interesting because i hav enot heard of too many herms being from horned parents or linage. I bet Vicki will know.

-- Bernice (, March 09, 2002.

Somwtimes a breeder will disbud a polled goat, simply becasue they didn't notice it was already polled... So just because it was disbudded, doesn't mean it would have grown horns.

-- Rebekah (, March 09, 2002.

I have had two does born from one doe line that never bred. They had very small vulvas, and never came into heat that I could tell- the buck ran with the does so it wasn't short heats. As they grew and matured the heads became coarse and more like a wether than a doe, especially in the jawline. Both does were from two horned parents, both were from triplet births with brothers, I think.

-- Rebekah (, March 09, 2002.

Please forgive me for intruding. I was a member of The Goat Shed; and when it went down, I lost contact with everyone. I found this sight with the help of a friend and noticed some people I am familiar with are here. I do not know how to post. Please email me and let me know how to post here. Thank you. Jodie Starr

-- motdaugrnds (, April 02, 2002.

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