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Several years ago I purchased a bar which I thought might be of the Ar Deco stlye. Inside one door is a manufacturers tag that says GLENDALE LONDON

If anyone knows anything about this company, Please let me know

-- Truman Alberts (, March 07, 2002


Sir, I also have a cabinet with the same manufacturers tag, I am trying to trace it. If you have any success I would appreciate if you could pass on the details. Thanking you in advance. Eric Black

-- Eric Black (, January 20, 2003.

My late father also owned a bar/cocktail cabinet with the tag GLENDALE LONOD inside one of the doors. I would be interested if any one had any details.

-- Ossie Smith (, April 14, 2003.

I once found a website for them which said they were established in the 1960's. I am therefore not sure if this is the same company although they do specialise in veneered furniture and their designs to date are still quite unusual, as the cabinet that I have is also. I too thought that my piece was Art deco style but now I'm not so sure! Try as I might, I cannot find this website again, but if i ever do, i will post it on here..

-- Lorraine Sharpe (, July 29, 2003.

Isn't this interesting...I too have a cocktail cabinet from the same company and was trying to research it. I purchased it from an antique auction 10 or so years ago. Supposedly the furniture was shipped from England. This was a charity type auction and all of the furniture was from the same era and location.

-- T. Viviani (, August 11, 2003.

I guess I am a member of the club too. I just purchased a piece with the same "Glendale London" plate on the inside of one door. I too want to know more about this piece and its maker.

-- Lori K. Rogers (, July 19, 2004.

It sounds like we all have the same piece of furniture. Can anyone tell me if in the bar area the cabinet opens from the top and at the same time the front lays down. Inside this area there is like a balcony so to speak (maybe to put shotglasses)? And to the left of this area there are two drawers. Thanks for your responce in advance. Anyone have a general value? Thanks

-- Pam Pressley (, October 13, 2004.

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