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I read this on another list i am on. What i am wondering now is if this will impact on Immuno-G or ID-1? I have not seen this posted yet to any of the yahoo goat lists. Mayb eit is by now. Any thoughts?


Dear List Members:

A huge new initiative to remove animal supplements for sale is coming. Any supplement labeled specifically for animals containing ingredients targeted by FDA/AAFCO - whether it is on pet or health food stores, will have to be pulled. This affects everything from herbs and nutraceuticals to some health and prescription diets. While you will still be able to buy supplements designed for humans, they will be designed without attention to the unique needs (size, biochemistry) of animals.

A final decision will be made by AAFCO in April and after that, the supplements will start disappearing. AAFCO appears to be leaning towards targeting glucosamine first. Do you know how many animal supplements that will effect? See for yourself on the AAFCO website ( - go to the bottom of the home page and click the link entitled "DRAFT AAFCO Recommended Enforcement Strategy".

It is time to start a letter writing campaign, the likes of which we have never had before. We believe that preventing this will take an act of congress, just like DSHEA did in 1994 (The FDA received more letters regarding freedom to buy supplements than on any other subject since the Vietnam war, and the Dietary Supplement Health Education Act (DSHEA) was passed as a result). We will need tens of thousands of letters for our animals, this time.

I'm supplying a template letter below, for your own use, and for distributing to your friends. This can also be used as a petition for you to place in your favorite pet store, feed store, groomer and veterinarian's office. This will be a political fight, and we need legislators on our side. Please write, and have your friends write to, all of the people below.

Dr. Sharon Benz, Leader Nutrition & Labeling Team FDA - CVM Center for Veterinary Medicine 7500 Standish Place, HFV-228 Rockville, Maryland 20855

The president of AAFCO:

Dr. John Breitsman, Feed Program Specialist Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture, Bureau of Plant Industry 2301 N. Cameron Street Harrisburg, PA 17110-9408

Your AAFCO state representatives (you can search by state on their website):

Your federal legislators (you can search by state and area code on this website):

We need to be able to treat our patients with supplements designed for animals - in appropriate doses, with appropriately chosen ingredients, from ethical companies. Please cross-post - support from EVERYONE will be necessary soon!

Sincerely, Susan Wynn Secretary/Treasurer, American Academy of Veterinary Nutrition Executive Director, Veterinary Botanical Medicine Association


Dear [insert name of senator, representative, AAFCO representative, AAFCO head, and FDA head here]:

I am a pet owner and I am extremely concerned about removal from sale of supplements designed for animals. I am not aware of such a number of side effects that this drastic action should be necessary.

I want supplements that are designed by veterinarians knowledgable in animal medicine, and that are appropriate in dose and chemistry for my [dog, cat, horse, etc].

I believe that if these supplements are made illegal, research on supplements for companion animals will be stifled, and we want research done on these helpful but non-patentable substances. People will be left with no choice but to reach for human supplements which are not formulated for animals and left to completely guess at what course of action may be best for the pet they dearly love.

Removal of animal supplements from sale will not solve the problem; indeed, it will significantly worsen the situation. Please, let's avoid a New "Prohibition" of substances that we have used safely and successfully for many years.

Thank you for your time and attention.


CC: your federal legislators Your state AAFCO official AAFCO president FDA-CVM

-- Bernice (, March 09, 2002

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