Difficult labor in the rain ends well with triplets!

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Just thought everyone needed a successful kidding story to read about. :o) This was Nestle's 2nd pregnancy (she's 3yrs old) Luckily I was home & had been watching her because the first one was positioned totally wrong and wasn't coming out. When the "bubble" appeared all that was out was 1 ear. I watched closely for a few minutes and she kept pushing but nothing was happening. I went in and had to rotate the head and realized that the kid was laying upside down with it's frontlegs pulled way back. Another kid was on top of her and trying to come also. I couldn't get her legs in the correct position so I just guided her head out and rotated her body. She finally came out and no sooner was she out than the 2nd (huge kid) came rear feet first even though he was very large she pushed him out with no problem. The 3rd one was in the correct position. During all of this it had been sprinkling, but by the time all 3 were born it was raining hard and of course she didn't have them in the barn but behind it instead! lol Oh well, 3 healthy babies & the mom is fine. I was just gooey & soaking wet but happy.

This was our last kidding for this season. We've ended with 5 bucklings & 6 doelings, 11 total.

-- Sharon in AL (Sharonspaws@aol.com), March 09, 2002


YEAH!!!! Good job! Thanks for telling your tale.

-- Doreen (animalwaitress@yahoo.com), March 09, 2002.

Yes, Thanks for sharing. I love to hear of peoples good news. Makes me smile!

-- shari (smillers@snowcrest.net), March 10, 2002.

Sharon, congrats on the triplets, and on getting in there and helping the doe. I can't reach that far, so pat yourself on the back, girl. You did great-- gooey, rainy, and all. I had a doe deliver quads last Monday, and another with twins at 9 p.m. the same day. It's COLD up our way, so I stayed home from work that night. Good thing, or I am sure that I would have lost the twins; the high that day was 17 degrees. Take care of the babies, and take care of Sharon.

-- Judy in IN (whileaway3@cs.com), March 10, 2002.

Judy, I'm glad your babies are doing well too. I used to live in Hammond, IN when I was very young. I remember a little... mainly the heaps of snow, sledding, & frozen ponds. Here in Mobile, AL the words: snow, frozen ponds, snow sledding, etc. are seldom used & never in the same sentence with Mobile! Our lows this week have been 50 & our highs around 80. A big difference from you. :o) Thanks for the pat on my back! I'm such a proud mom.

-- Sharon in AL (Sharonspaws@aol.com), March 11, 2002.

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