Week of March 10

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Week of March 10

-- Anonymous, March 10, 2002


Thanks for the support, everyone.

-- Anonymous, March 10, 2002

Hey Everybody,

Please check out 2 postings of mine at the end of last week....



-- Anonymous, March 10, 2002

whoops..hadn't meant to be sulking in the corner for quite so long.Got waylaid yesterday and missed the big event.Any excitement?Wanted to make sure noone missed FreemanMon.11..American Indian Students Show What is in a Name..Greeley CO,unable to persuade a school district to to drop a mascot name ...A.Indian students at U of Northern CO have named their intramural team " the Fighting Whities"...whose jresies say "every thang's going to be all white"...teehee

-- Anonymous, March 12, 2002

Please change my email to the new address: video@hvc.rr.com Thanks, tobe

And, for those who left early (!) you missed the fireworks, when The Doan brought up his grant to be retroactively approved. Tom asked for it to be studied by a subcommittee of the facilities committee before deciding if this was what we wanted to do...Meg reported she had spoken to the head of the grant program who told her it was intended for Manhattan and areas that would directly effect Mahattan residents...Doan freaked and attacked her (How dare she question his information!!)...Marino jumped in..fireworks galore...The upshot is that Chuck will see if the grant application was legal in the first place without board approval(!) and we'll go from there. he he he.

-- Anonymous, March 12, 2002

Yep...I'm bad for leaving early. I had a rough end of the day yesterday and so I promised my daughter she could go but had to leave early to do some studying. I was beat anyway. What else was discussed. What happened with the flash photography issue? Any budget decisions? Inquiring minds want to know.....thanks!

-- Anonymous, March 12, 2002

Ah yes...flashes/video/audio...Passed the policy 4-3, so Beth (and others?) beware...It was cute to see Beth taking flash pictures while the policy was being discussed.

I expect they'll make a move against Beth at the next meeting...Wonder if she intends to make them remove her??? If so, I intend to follow her and the police officer out of the room with my videro camera...let's see what develops...Ready, set, FLASH! Tobe

-- Anonymous, March 12, 2002

Sorry but I will not be able to attend the meeting on Saturday at Morty's. A sudden last minute film job is taking me out of town for a few days. Please try to formulate a dateline schedule with events and a press/media schedule. It would be great to schedule a press conference a few days before the March 25th BOE meeting for Bill Kemble, Violet Snow and Blake Kilian. I can do that if we can come up with a date and place. Have a fun meeting and I'll see you all when I return.

SOS Meeting ------- March 16th-------10am Morty and Amy Schiff's 307 Acorn Hill Road Phone 657-5758


Route 28 to Winchell's corner in Shokan Turn onto Reservior Road and follow to the stop sign on the reservior. Turn Right and follow to the end (at the police barricade) and Bear Right onto Route 28A - Follow Route 28A to the next intersection where you will Turn Left and continue straight up Acorn Hill Road. Pass Mill Road on your left. Morty's home is on the left about a 1/4 mile or so past this intersection. Look for the Blue Metal Roof on the house below the road on the left. The mailbox with number 307 is at the driveway and there is a sailboat in the driveway.

-- Anonymous, March 12, 2002

Tho se pesky videographers bug Newburgh officials too

-- Anonymous, March 13, 2002

Board practices condom vote abstinence

I'll put the full text in the news section.

-- Anonymous, March 13, 2002

Meg and I will be away retrieving our son Joey for his school break, and most likely will be back too late for the meeting (sob!) The election for board members in May 21st. petitions must be turned in by April 21st (probably the 22nd, since that's the Monday...will have to confirm this date.) and then they get checked and certified...Once that's done, we have official candidates... I believe we should NOT be announcing candidates before they are certyified...just in case someone's petitions are tossed out...or challenfged (not impossible knowing the players on the other side.)

I also hope we can be ready to go as soon as the certification is official...perhaps our web site could be ready, the first candidate platform messages ready, lawn signs ordered and ready, letters to the editor ready, plus newspaper ads ready to go...and then a press conference could be held to announce all these wonderful things...That gives us about a month to get it all together.

Go team! Tobe

-- Anonymous, March 14, 2002

I added Ciurry's great list to the Doan deeds page so that they can be easily found. Please check it and add any relevant information...dates of events are a nice touch. Tobe

-- Anonymous, March 14, 2002

Agenda for tomorrow's meeting: any additions/corrections, etc??

S O S - Support Onteora Schools Informal Gathering of Concerned Parents and Residents of the Onteora School District

Meeting Agenda - March 16,2002

•Welcome and Introduction to New Members •Selection of Candidates !!!

•Schedule Petitions collected and submitted by 4/15 Campaign planning: now Fund raising: now Petitions certified about 4/21: the campaign officially begins Election: Tuesday, 5/21, celebration party follows......


•Jobs Fund raising: everyone!! Send checks to: SOS, PO Box 7, West Shokan, NY 12494 Signs Pamphlets Newspaper ads Web site Emails Meet and greets Letters to editors •Fundraiser: Boiceville Inn, Sunday, 4/14, 1 - 5pm

•Next Meeting......

-- Anonymous, March 15, 2002

A tactic that worked well for Democrats in Shandaken was for them to be invited into supporters homes, have coffe and cake and talk to the issues with guests (mostly folks on the fence) from community. It gave people a chance to get to know the candidates and their views. Strategic homes in different towns could really make an impact.

See ya tomorrow....

-- Anonymous, March 15, 2002

The simple text is the actual agenda, the italics are my notes. When I post this on the bb, the graphics will be wiped, so I'm gonna email this out, also. Apologies if I don't have your address...... Curry, SOS veep

Meeting Agenda - March 16,2002

•Welcome and Introduction to New Members Attending: Curry, Carol, Kathy, Dorothee Telson, Rick, Francine, Morty & Amy, Neil, Noah Telson, Rachel, Bruce Parker, Laurel Herdman, Marino, Melissa

•Selection of Candidates !!! by acclamation, as expected: Marino, Kathy, & Neil. They will begin working on blurbs for the brochure, deadline: next Saturday. The candidates will always take the high road, always be positive. Laurel will work on a press release but is waiting for the Platform and other info about the fund raiser to include....

•Schedule Petitions collected and submitted by 4/22, Campaign planning: now, Fund raising: now...a pot was passed around, $395 collected Fundraiser & Campaign Kick-off, Boiceville Inn, Sunday, 4/14, 1 - 5pm, Neil has organized this event: Justin Love & the Phantoms are going to perform, Neil is looking for a student group also. All campaign material must be ready for distribution. Candidates and others will speak between the sets. Lots of $ will be collected. This is the biggest campaign kickoff ever!! The ads for the fund raiser will need to be the the papers 2 weeks from now., Petitions certified about 4/21: the candidates are official, Election: Tuesday, 5/21, celebration party follows......

•Platform The candidates will meet this Wed pm at the Boiceville Inn, our new favorite place, to talk about this. In the discussion the following key words were heard: trust, respect, cooperation, inclusion, and focus on education. Marino spoke movingly about the way things were back in the pre-JD days, when shared decision making was hot, and real workshop meetings were held. I belive this line of thinking will provide major structure to our campain.

•Jobs Fund raising: everyone!! Please reach out for $ !! We want to run this campaign without financial constraints, in other words, spend what we have to and raise enough funds to pay the bills later....Lots of money needs to be collected.... Send checks to: SOS, PO Box 7, West Shokan, NY 12494. Signs, Pamphlets & Cards, Newspaper ads: This group of printed material must be ready by 4 /14. Those who will be involved, we hope, are Ted, Tobe, Laurel, Neil. The material generated will be on disc so that Neil can easily put it onto the: Web site, Emails everyone, Meet and greets the candidates, Letters to editors everyone,

•Next Meeting at Kathy & Rick Hochman's, next Sat, 10am, turn onto Ridge Road, by Pet Fare on Rt 28, Shokan, take the 2nd left turn onto Private Road #1, go to the last house, their phone is 657 9911

-- Anonymous, March 17, 2002

Thanks Curry for your notes. Also thank you Morty and Amy for your hospitality. Just a few minor changes to your notes though Curry..

The Bands performing are Justin Love, and the Pontiacs, not The Phantoms. Also, I'm going to try and recruit certain students to sit in with The Pontiacs as opposed to a student Band or Group. Lastly, we havent confirmed the Wednesday meeting at the Boiceville Inn, but we will be speaking and/or getting together this week to discuss the platform.

On the website postings...I will still need access info (user ID , passwords) to whatever site I'm posting info on....

Lastly...I'll be getting some kind of Graphic from Diana Bryan today which I'll work with someone on to incorporate into our ads/posters etc.

Thats about it from here for now. Enjoy the beautiful weather!

PS..spoke to Gloria Baily last night. If anyone knows her she would love to get involved in SOS.

-- Anonymous, March 17, 2002

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