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Okay, Peaches, the doe with the C section has a fever tonight. She is at 105.6. She is eating grass hay(preferring it over the alfalfa), not drinking enough water yet, moving bu tired. This is what I have done: Gave her Probios and a shot of B complex, also ID 1 again and E orally. She is still on PenG. I gave that this morning. Her cud is still not strong like I would like, but she is eating a little bit better than she was. I have Ibuprofen, aspirin, and Tylenol that may help with the fever, but no more banamine. I used that for two days only. That's all the vet would give me. I also have Tylan 200 in he anibiotic category.

I have looked over her incision very well and there is no apparen swelling, or anything that looks like it is pulling or red and irritated. She has no unusual odor at all to the little bit of discharge she still is expelling.

I'll give this just a little time before I start bugging folks on the phone. Thanks!

-- Doreen (animalwaitress@yahoo.com), March 13, 2002


What did the vet say today? Vicki

-- Vicki McGaugh TX (vickilonesomedoe@hotmail.com), March 14, 2002.

I'm hardly an expert but maybe you're expecting improvement too quickly? Gee, I think about how tough it is for humans to recover from a c-section. Maybe your doe's fever is simply her system fighting off infection and she might do okay in the long run. You did say you saw some improvement. Keep us posted. (I know, it's so HARD not to worry!)

-- Lynn (moonspinner@bluefrognet.net), March 14, 2002.

I emailed Joyce as you suggested, Vicki. She said to go to Nuflor as the antibiotic and that she would want the doe on banamine as well. Also she said that naxcel wouldn't be he thing to use as it would only go deeply enough into lung tissue. She said I should give her an oxytertracycline antibiotic until I could get Nuflor as the Pen G simply has too many agents which are resistant to it. The vet was inclined to try Naxcel, but I showed him her email and he concurred with her upon reading it. I also asked him if he would like to check her site out and let me know what he thought, he wrote the name down, so he might. He said that with goats so much is really guesswork as to dosages just because of the lack of research. It was kind of funny because I told him that the lady I always go to, sent me to the lady that she goes to when she has a question, which is rare... and he dubbed all of us "the goat underground". He got a kick out of it.

I found the aspirin dosage and just for everyone else's reference it is 13.5 325 grain aspirin per 100 pounds. I ground that up and mixed it with a bit of hot water and liquid Maalox to help the stomach out. It took her temp down to 103.3 this am.

I came home at noon and gave her the Nuflor sq at 6cc per 100. I need to get clarification as to whether I am to wait four days and give her the next shot or do it in 48 hours. the info on the site regarding that is a bit conflicting. And I also gave her banamine at 1cc per 100. Her temp was 104.7. When I got home this evening her temp was 104.5.

So on the banamine, can I give it to her again at the same dosage? I know you (Vicki) said you were giving Mustang a dose am and pm, I am just afraid of overdoing everything on her right now.

I'm just very concerned about getting her temp under control and getting her to drink better. I bought some pedialyte for the first time in my life, but I have no idea how much to give to her on that either! Seems my brain has decided to take a vacation without giving proper notice. I don't expect her to be back to 100% for awhile yet. Yes...it is really hard not to worry. I can't say I am doing a good job of not worrying. sigh. this poor doe is going to hate me if we get through this. I am constantly coming at her with needles and ramming stuff down her throat, then sticking her head in a bucket and forcing her to drink. Ain't love grand?

-- Doreen (animalwaitress@yahoo.com), March 14, 2002.

It was 4.5cc per 100 pounds on the Nuflor

-- Doreen (ooopsy@wr.ong), March 14, 2002.

Emial Joyce to be sure on the Nuflour, but doubt anything stays in a goat quick metabolism for 48 hours!!!?

The Banamine for Mustang is the same 1cc per 100 pounds I give it morning and night but it is still just 2cc per day, just divide the dosage. No more than 6 days because it is very hard on the stomach and kidneys, unless Joyce says she has done it longer.

Thanks so much for the aspirin dosage! I wrote it down this time.

Isn't Joyce great! That is so cool that your vet may check out her site!

I would think a quart of fluids would keep her going each day, though of course we want her to drink much more. I would be happy if she would just drink water and eat grass hay for at least awhile. I sure hope she perks up for you! Keep us posted! Vicki

-- Vicki McGaugh TX (vickilonesomedoe@hotmail.com), March 15, 2002.

She said to go ahead and give her the full dose of Banamine if it's necessary. I think I will try splitting it up today and see how that goes. And she verified the 48 hour wait...hmm. The vet only had 18cc of the stuff anyway, so that's hopefully going to do the job.

Also, please forgive me, but I was getting all mixed up on what antibiotic dose was which here. Here is the ACTUAL insttruction page for Nuflor. Good thing I read it before I gave it to her insead of trusting my lack of memory.

00mg/ml of florfenicol(NUFLOR)

DOSE at 6mL/100 lbs SC (SQ) every 4 days, or 3.5mL/100 lbs IM in the neck area every 2 days.

WITHDRAWAL: Approved for beef cattle only, meat withdrawal 38 days following one SC (SQ) injection. For two-dose IM treatment the withdrawal period is 28 days. The FDA has not established a milk discard time, tolerance or safe level for florfenicol in milk. Extra label in goats. Goats: 28 days given SQ at 9mg/lb SC every 48 hours. Source - 10-12,2000 Wool & Wattles, AASRP. Studies in goats indicate Florfenicol concentrations in milk equal serum concentrations.

Florfenicol has a broad spectrum of activity against both gram- negative and gram-positive bacteria and is primarily BACTERIOSTATIC. Because of its low protein binding and extensive tissue distribution, florfenicol reaches higher levels in tissue than serum, reaching clinically effective concentrations at sites of infection. Studies on pharmacokinetics have also been conducted in horses, goats and pigs with Nuflor, although there are no label recommendations for these species. ADVERSE REACTIONS: Possible temporary decrease in feed and water intake. Diarrhea has been reported in cattle. Local tissue reaction and soreness at IM injection site. STORAGE: Store between 2-30 degrees Celsius (36-86 degrees Fahrenheit). Refrigeration is not required. The solution is light yellow to straw colored. Color does not affect potency. TIP: Nuflor is oil based, use a 18 or 20 guage needle to avoid extended syringe filling and injection time.

-- Doreen (animalwaitress@yahoo.com), March 15, 2002.

Yeah!!!! She is eating better tonight and has perked up somewhat. Thank God!! I think the Nuflor is helping and the banamine as well. I gave her the half dose of it tonight. Wheeeeewww. She still has some fever, tho. But she drank close to two quarts during the day today and actually ATE instead of just taking enough to keep her a bit alive. Do a happy dance with me???>>(::)<< Now I just see how she is doing in a couple of days. What a relief.:)

-- Doreen (animalwaitress@yahoo.com), March 15, 2002.

That is just wonderful news! Leave it to a goat, Nuflour is suppose to decrease appetitie, and it increases hers! Vicki

-- Vicki McGaugh TX (vickilonesomedoe@hotmail.com), March 16, 2002.

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