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A little birdy tells me that Susan in mi might be looking for a pickemup. anybody got suggestions???

-- Jim-mi (, March 13, 2002


what kind,, full size? how much? I know a few people that are selling some decent ones

-- Stan (, March 13, 2002.

I need a 4WD, extended cab would be nice. Tires, brakes and engine with a battery a must :). I'm in mid lower penninsula Michigan. Will consider trading my good car. My car is a Chevy Cavalier 1997. I've taken good care of it. It has one teenager dent in a front fender. 200,000 miles. I have a picture if interested. If ya don't want the car, fine....I have a little cash.

-- Susan in Northern LP Michigan (, March 14, 2002.

doesnt matter if its full size or not?

-- Stan (, March 14, 2002.

nope, you the man stan.

-- Susan in Northern LP Michigan (, March 14, 2002.

get with me,,I know of a sonoma, 4x4 , with a topper,, has alot of rust,, but interior is real clean, and engine runs great

-- Stan (, March 14, 2002.

Hello friend, it is good to see you post again. I have missed our fun with these folks. I too am looking to get a similar truck. Let me know how you like yours when you get it. I need to be able to haul a horse trailer. My ferrier told me I needed a V8 engine but my last jeep had one and it seemed to be straining. I'd only haul one may be two horses at a time. People have tried to steer me away from Fords. Any suggestions would be helpful for my search. With todays cars/trucks and engines I never know what is good and considered too much miles on one any more.

The other one

-- Susan the other (, March 15, 2002.

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