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I want to do like bathroom and kitchen remodeling of woodwork and cabentary. Where should i go to school for this and what major or class does it fall under? Also who should i contact about internship?

-- Joseph McDonald (, March 14, 2002


Without knowing your location I have to write in general terms... In urban areas there are technical schools which have classes offered. In my area it's Milwaukee Area Technical College and Waukesha County Technical College. For modest projects tapes and books are offered for 'do-it-yourselfers' at most libraries. I know of no internship, the Carpenters Union offers a comprehensive apprenticeship program which you might find of interest, however, that expert training exceeds by far what is considered 'handyman' type remodeling. Carpenter Unions can be located in the phone directory listed under labor organizations. Best Wishes and Good Luck - Rocky

-- John Rockefeller (, March 14, 2002.

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