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Saw an earlier post about your daughter in law's mother giving a kid mouth to mouth and it recovered. Had an early delivery in the last cold rain. Remember that night in our part of AR? First freshener, early delivery. First one stillborn, but the second had a heartbeat and was trying. Joe couldn't believe I wouldn't give up on that kid. Mouth to mouth for 30 minutes while it still had a heartbeat. Ended up tragically, but ironically, not sad. Joe got to thinking what my former friends and associates in banking would think "if they could see me now". Their former Vice President, VP of the Board of the Institute of Financial Education, Finance Committee of South Oklahoma City College, and general all around starched shirt (literally), who chucked it all is sitting knee deep in hay, wet, cold, and mouth to mouth with a goat kid. He laughed, mental images of incredulous faces multiplying, I laughed, and let the poor kid go. When I think of their mortgages, not paid for autos, the stress of that existance, I think losing a kid that nature didn't have a future for to start with is a learning experience for me. That I can't fix everything, no matter how hard I try. Nature takes it's course.

Glad you had a happy ending with your kid, but in a way, I did too. Confirmation of a re-assesment of priorities can come at the strangest times!


-- Dennis Enyart (, March 15, 2002


Hi Dennis, Yep, I remember that yukky night. I am so sorry to hear about your loosing the baby, sometimes no matter what we can't save them. I really know what you mean about priorities. I so hoped that last yr in Jan of 2001, when I had that interview in NH for a position that would have catipulted my career from starving teacher to superstar and flying all over the country doing seminars, workshops and co- writing articles would have turned out. Unfoirtunately it wasn't meant to be. So here I am in good ole' Arkansas, on top of my dream mountain home with my goaties being broke and struggling. I guess my life is richer now in ways that it wasn't before. Funny how the good Lord shows you how nice the humble things in life are. I still dream of making it with my goaties and Jackie's Fudge being the next HGodiva of the candy world.

Well, speaking of work, time to go to work and put up with my ignorant director for another day.

-- Bernice (, March 15, 2002.


No one ever called me about the vacuum pump, so I"ve been using it to mlk our 21 does. Do you have one? How are are you on your path to selling milk to Yellville??? Talk to me.


-- Dennis (, March 15, 2002.

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