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Greetings, I purchased a XL1 camera last year and finally have the money to purchase a computer to work with it. However, I am unsure what computer to purchase and what exactly I will need. I am wanting to but my hunting and flyfishing footage on video and one day have my own video's or show. My email is kandmhillman@earthlink.net Thanks Kristine HIllman

-- kristine hillman (kandmhillman@earthlink.net), March 15, 2002


My experience has been with a PC: Sony PCV-RX580 and a Cannon GL1. Despite reviews, I went with the Sony System rather than an Apple G4 with "Final Cut Pro" because of the price and because I thought I could work through the technical issues. So 90% of my time I spend with technical issues and 10% editing. While I do not have direct experience with the apple systems, reviews, feedback, and personal experience all indicate the PC systems are still several years away from being usable for professional work, but are OK for a technically inclined hobbiest who has more time than money and who doesn't need professional quality output. On the other hand, O know folks using the G4 with Final Cut Pro who are creating TV shows, professional level video CD's and DVD's, and are very satisfied they made the best decision.

-- Dan Miles (dfmiles@pacbell.net), April 03, 2002.

Basically: If you can afford it, get a Mac, otherwise, have some fun with a PC...

-- Teague (wake1am@hotmail.com), May 13, 2003.

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