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So here is C.Puckett's last statement. He has gone into hiding, and who can blame him? If we make a list of all the people who the government has killed, arrested, placed in jail for eons without a trial, or what have you, we begin to see a problem of huge proportions. Just thought some of you might like to see this.

Charles Puckett Last Testament

Ladies & Gentlemen:

I have served with pride in the Kentucky State Militia for 12 years. I have given my best & my all for this country.

I have found recently that B.A.T.F. have written regulations without Congressional approval -- that a simple piece of metal is defined as a machine gun. This is one of the counts that they have charged me with.

It is my last testament in this letter, to the citizens of Kentucky, the state legislature & militia that I have NEVER had, manufactured, or INTENDED to manufacture or possessed or owned or fired a machine gun. I have never WANTED a machine gun. NOTHING that the B.A.T.F. took from my home was illegal.

The B.A.T.F. construes things to be illegal by THEIR rules. The B.A.T.F. states that I had bomb-making materials at my home. EVERYONE has these capabilities in their home due to the fact that oven cleaner & aluminum are bomb components.

It is my last testament that I have NEVER made nor INTENDED to make bombs or ATTEMPTED to make bombs in my life.

After September 11th, our whole great country changed. Our Congress, (without EVER reading the Patriot Act of 2001), passed this legislation with only a summary to read of what the bill was about. Three people voted against it. Those three men are great Americans. The Draconian powers created by this so called "patriot act" will forever ruin America.

I have nothing but love in my heart for this great nation. There seems nowadays to be very little relief or justice for some in our country. I am one of these people.

It is my last testament that I have NOT committed ANY criminal acts, nor will I donate years of my life for something that I have NOT done. I have never burned down a church & killed innocent children for make believe reasons. I have never shot a 15-year-old child in the back & I have never shot a woman in the face.

Government officials have done all of the above with no one accountable for those acts to date. The B. A. T. F., using their low-life tactics, put out info to the Kentucky State Police that my son made threats toward the law enforcement community. My son has all the respect in the world for K. S. P.

My son is NO threat to ANY Kentucky police officer. We at the Kentucky State Militia have helped law enforcement in Kentucky to investigate & bring crooks to justice. This is verifiable through the Jessamine County Sheriff's Department (Joe Walker, Sheriff).

The B. A. T. F. was created by the Secretary of Treasury in June of 1972 by the stroke of a pen. (Where was Congress?) When my problem happened in 1966 through Oct. 1968, there was NO B. A. T. F. to apply to for rights restoration.

The B. A. T. F. was created as a tax collector on alcohol, tobacco & firearms. This agency has been transformed into enforcement & loosed on the people to rob & pillage as a private army of the Treasury.

I can no longer participate in a society that is governed by such mobsters! They will come up with all kinds of tricks to trick you. When first contacted by the B. A. T. F., I was reluctant to talk with these people. After talking with Agent Robert Young, I thought that maybe somehow these people were different here. I cooperated with these people & even turned over a letter from Steve Anderson to them -- offering to help. Several days later, my problems started. I even extended an invitation that if they thought I was doing something wrong -- to come & look.

The B. A. T. F. stabbed me in the back. I do not know where Steve Anderson is. In an investigation of a Winchester gun store owner by these same people (Agent Young & others), the trauma was so great that the store owner committed suicide! This kind of intimidation is UNACCEPTABLE from ANY government agency.

Who's the terrorist in THIS picture? The ONLY thing I am guilty of is helping train the Kentucky State Militia by making training devices & instructing on how to SURVIVE the coming calamity. Again, I have made NO bombs, destructive devices or EVER possessed or made a machine gun. NEVER! Nor have I EVER wanted to do any of the above. EVER!

It is truly time for America to wake up & turn the clock back to 1776. We have the SAME problems now that we had then. Whether we can do this without violence is up to the government officials. We need to ask them now- "What's it gonna be?" We have outrageous taxes that are squandered by elected officials every day. The B. A. T. F. is coming for our guns. These exact things existed in 1776!

I must leave society at this time for my own safety. Again I state - I have broken NO laws, nor have I violated ANYONE'S freedoms. When you take freedom away, you ruin a country. This should be proof.

The ONLY thing that I will accept is the dropping of ALL charges & COMPLETE EXONERATION. None of my family or militia officers will know where I am. Rewards will do no good & intimidation will get you in trouble. I will accept NO less.

To the people that serve in the Kentucky State Militia: I love you ALL. I have given my life, my family, my home & my all for this country. Please continue the fight for freedom.

I will be watching & will respond on cue. Please elect a new State C/O who loves this country as much as I do & the women & men that have died for it.

Charles N. Puckett State C/O - Kentucky State Militia

I did NOT shrug my duty to protect & defend the Constitution. WILL YOU DO THE SAME?

Commander Puckett asked that all donations to his defense fund be stopped. The people are going to hold trial for the government not the other way round.

Cpt. Lee Sutterlin Kentucky State Militia

-- Doreen (, March 15, 2002


Never heard of this guy before. Any links to read up on it?

-- John in S. IN (, March 15, 2002.

Hello Doreen,

I have to admit my ignorance....but who is Puckett? Is he a local legend in Kentucky. I don't recall his name in any of the stuff that I have read or heard. Please let us know more.



-- (, March 15, 2002.

Although I have never heard of this person, ( Guess the media thought it of no importance.) I am not surprised by his alligations against our country. I will pray for him and his family. He is right about going back to 1776, We would be alot better off.

-- K. T. indiana (, March 15, 2002.

He is one of our militia leaders that the government are quietly picking off one by one by setting them up on bogus charges. They are taking about 1 a week and of course, the lapdog news agencies are not saying a word about it.

The round-up has begun!

-- Laura (, March 15, 2002.

Thanks, Laura. I thought folks might know about this.

Just a very quick background...When Charlie was a teenager in '66 (pre first Nazi Gun Control legislation of '68) he and some friends broke into a grocery store and stole food. There was a weapon in someone's possession when they broke in. He did his penance and kept his nose clean since then.

Fast forward to the "war on terror". Charlie is a militia leader in Kentucky, the BATF comes to his home and arrests him and takes every gun in his house and everyone's computers. For being a felon and having firearms...ex post facto law ring a bell??? They let him out on bail. I think there was another incident in here, but I don't know details. Then they put contingencies on his release on bond. A foot bracelet, no firearms and no internet. He decides to release himself on his own He takes a hike.

-- Doreen (, March 15, 2002.

You can read about Charles Puckett here: Puckett< /a>

-- nobrabbit in KY (, March 15, 2002.

Whoops, left something out of my link! I'll just past it for ya...

-- nobrabbit in KY (, March 15, 2002.

It is nice prose ! What has to make you wonder ? --is--Joel Rosen writes flaming controversial documents against the government--owns many automatic weapons, including the blueprints to the Vulcan, knows Trotman, Gritz, Ekstrom, and Weaver-- and I am not picked off. I also am not a parolee nor do I have my rights suspended. Nor have I ever heard of the Kentucky Militia--most are part of the Missouri 38th. I can only hope for the best ! Having illegal weapons is hazardous to your freedom. Hide them well !!!!

-- Joel Rosen (, March 16, 2002.

It could be a great lottery type thingee to see if we can guess who the first person nabbed from this forum will be!!! Like a baby pool or Guesses?

-- Doreen (, March 16, 2002.

I don't need to guess. It will be Tomk And Bill W. !! After two weeks ago and that letter to the President appointed ? They have to have the Secret Service up every orifice known to man.

I always thought I could hear A little Michigan Militia fife and drum when I read Tom's posts

-- Joel Rosen (, March 17, 2002.

if anyone see's charlie puckett tell him james winburn said hi

-- james winburn (, December 22, 2003.

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